Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What Does Shapewear Really Is?

We've seen these two vintage ads of shapewear on google and we find it so interesting for us to share here. They may be too old on its overall aesthetics, but we love how the ads easily conveys what a shapewear really is.


Simply put, it is a an undergarment that helps shape the body to make it look even more pleasing. It does not permanently trim the body but rather, it temporarily shapes the body to a desired figure, and helps accentuate a woman's curve.

In Vedette Shapewear's roster of shapewear garments, there are certain styles you can choose from depending on your needs. Plus the tightness of the pieces vary from the lightest up to the firmest compression. 

Shapewear has been a part of a woman's wardrobe many years ago, and one of which being popularly used are the corsets. Most women desires to  have a slim waist and curvy body on occasions wherein looking perfectly beautiful is needed, like weddings, dinner party, with which wearing a gown will actually need the right undergarment to pull-off the entire look. 

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