Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Exactly a year ago when Rebecca of WINNIPEG STYLE did the 12 Months Of Vedette challenge/ On her 10th month she will be showing to you all 2 shapewear pieces that for sure you will be excited to try on! Especially that this is the month where we are given some more occasions to dress-up and look at our best!


Notice Rebecca's inner top beneath her plaid blazer? it is a shapewear, a bodysuit actually. Who would have thought it could get that better worn as a top?? :) Her YVONNE bodysuit with bra is just perfect with its front zipper, making it easier to wear and put off. Plus, it very much looks like a normal  tanktop.


How would you handle panty lines when you are off to wearing a special dress for a special occasion? Rebecca's solution, the EMILIE bodysuit. It hugs the body all the way from the midriff down the thighs making sure that no lines will appear and all curves will be smooth and in shape.

Rebecca's outfits really screams the spirit of the holiday season! How do you find her two outfits? :)

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