Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Little White Dress

Who wouldn't love to be dressed in a classic white dress? Bet many of you own a piece or two. A classic LWD (little white dress) is perfect with almost any occasion. And just recently, Hollywood star, Kim Kardashian was spotted donning  3 different LWDs for the past days! Which of the three looks you like the most? For us, we feel look 1 and look 2 suits her best! Though look 2 hugs her curves well, we feel Kim styled it in a different and revealing way which made her look less appropriate.

The key to wearing a white dress, is to always wear the right undergarment, most especially for white lace dresses. For Kim's look #2, we feel that a white undergarment goes with it better than black, say...

Cloe white bustier

The bustier gives enough support and coverage to the wearer, and plus it's a pretty shapewear too, it will be easier for the wearer to go try wearing any sheer outfits! 
Then for the bottom half, she could pair with any white half-slip inner skirt to give her support and more coverage. 

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