Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sheer Sophisticate: Dressing Up A Sheer Dress

Jennifer Lawrence and Bella Thorne in their sheer dresses for the Catching Fire premiere

We've been seeing celebrities here and there gracing different events in their own versions of sheer ensembles. We've seen Kim Kardashian strutting her stuff in lace sheer dresses, and lately we've been spotting on J.Law's and Bella Thorne's sheer dresses they wore on the red carpet premiere of Catching Fire. 

Knowing the two are on their early 20s we love how they flaunt and styled their own sheer dresses, fit for their age.

How'd they do it?
A little bit of help from their trusty bodysuits complete their looks! We love the brief bodysuit J.Law wore underneath her sheer ash gray dress. It may seem to be too peek-a-boo, but her elegant bodysuit that fits like a glove added that sexy feel without overtaking elegance!

On the other hand, we adore the dainty nude skirt bodysuit Bella wore beneath her nude floral sheer dress. Dainty as her ensemble may be, but her skirt bodysuit balances everything on the right amount! 

Just a little advice when you plan to try wearing peek-a-boo clothing pieces: always find an elegant underwear with a matching color as what you are wearing. Make sure to pick an underwear that both offer coverage and style, so it will be pleasurable to be seen at any angle you pose. 

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