Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bra Size Proportion

Shopping your underwear online may be the IN thing to do right now, but getting the wrong size ones surely won't make you feel good. Today, we'd like to share to you, a bra size guide between a bra cup, and your bust size to know the perfect fit for you! Basically by looking at the photo, the bust line and bra cups depends on the body shape and the weight. There are small framed women with big breasts, and there are big women with flat chests. 

 This will help you out in choosing the right bra size and cup. Women experience back pains and shoulder pains because of the wrong size of bra they are wearing.

The bra size or more popularly called as the bust line, is the measure around the tip of the nipples around the back. Whereas the bra cup is the measure of the curve or fullness of the breast. remember that the size of your bra depends on your body and on the size of your breasts. 

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