Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Make Your Boobs Perky!

We all know that in time, due to aging, and some physical changes on our body brought about by our daily activities, our boobs won't stay up that perky. It will sag in the coming of time. Hence, this is where compression bras come in.

COMPRESSION BRAS are made to help shape and protect the breasts, and make it look even more perky than its usual form. Under Vedette's product line, it offers two kinds of compression bras:

- the bra with pads
-the underbust bra-less 

The bra with pads are the typical bra that has attached bra cups into it, while the underbust, is something new. It has no bra cups attached that gives the wearer the freedom to pair it with any bra. Once you layered it over any type of bra, its wide underbust band gives a compression to shape more the breasts.

Did you know that compression bras can also be used when yo are 

see the entire collection of Vedette's compression bras here

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