Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lingerie-inspired Halloween Costumes

Who isn't excited about Halloween parties? We do! And we know you are too! Above are some ideas of vintage looks  by blogger, Laura of TRASH PLANET DIY, that may pass as a unique Halloween costume. 

If you are thinking of something new to try this Halloween, perhaps you want to try being a Vintage Gal? All you need is what you have inside your closet. If you have waist cincher or a bra-less corset, you can use it to mix match several outfits like what Laura did. Basically, the corset acts as a wide belt to add impact on her outfit. you can layer it over your top and jeans, bustier dress, or skirts. You may also use your regualr shapewear with bra, and use as a top too! Just be sure to finish the look, with that vintage wavy hair, that red lips and some touch of rose on your head. :)


Vedette pieces used: MARZIA, AIMEE, MARIAN, LEA, ZOE

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