Monday, October 21, 2013

Best Bra To Wear To Sleep

Other women thinks that by wearing a bra 24 hours a day will help prevent breast sagging which in fact is not at all true. The real cause of breast sagging lies on the age of a woman. The breasts are composed of tissues and ligaments that hold both into place. These tissues and ligaments worn-out as a woman age, and as brought upon by the gravitational pull of the earth. So we even if a woman wears a bra there is no full guarantee that the breasts won't sag. Eventually it will as the time comes. 

So the debate over the issue of whether it is safe to wear a bra while sleeping, the answer depends on the type of bra you wear to sleep. There is no truth that if you wear a bra it will contribute to having a breast cancer. The only thing that would develop to wearing a bra to  sleep is uncomfortable feeling or pain if you choose to wear an ill-fititng one. The best bra to wear are non-wired no cup bras. They do not cling and compress too much the breasts thus giving the wearer, a much more comfortable feeling.

How about you, do you wear a bra to sleep or not? :)

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