Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Right Way Of Dressing-Up

We've been seeing a lot of posts, advertisements, photos, supporting the "thin is in" campaign or girls taking it so hard to do crash diet and intense body workouts. We aren't against any of them, but it's just that we find it too much if the only reason behind is because most girls these days,  would want to fit in a smaller dress. Because some girls believe that they look better thinner, in any clothes they would wear.

 While contemplating this issue, we saw this famous quote of Givenchy which we feel suitable on the matter. The right way of dressing-up is to let the dress fit your body, and not your body fit on the dress. 

photo source 1, 2

On the photos above Scarlett is letting her dress wrap around her body. To hug her curves and flatter her on all angles. Whereas with Beyonce, we find her dress too small on her, thus squeezing in her body to a dress size that's not hers. The curves may be showing off, but the ill-fitting of the dress is much more over powering.

The right way of dressing-up is to always get the right size of clothes for your body. Never mind getting XL, or XXL size of clothing. If that's the right size for you then it will definitely look good on you. Just because a smaller size dress says XS or size 0, it doesn't automatically mean you will look good in it, or once you wear it, you'll be called sexy. And that goes too when you get a bigger size of dress that says XL, or XXL, it doesn't mean you're fat or you will not look good in it. 

The best way in dressing-up is to love your body first, know the pieces that will flatter your shape, get the right size, and sprinkle your outfit with confidence! 

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