Thursday, September 19, 2013


Time flies so fast and Rebecca of WINNIPEG STYLE is now on her 9th month of her 12 months of Vedette review! And just before Summer ends, she's taking all the opportunity to wear bright colors! Today she will show you how a bright magenta Veronique can be worn as an outerwear! Plus her thoughts about wearing an underbust bra pusher.

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We love how the shades of black, red, and purple compliment each other! The pop of magenta from her Veronique bodysuit just added excitement to her over-all look! You barely notice that she is actually wearing a bodysuit isn't it? :)

In times when you feel like to perk -up your breasts, you could always try a bra booster like Monica to help you in the process! It has a wide band to help the garment keep in place plus, since it is an underbust bra booster, you could always wear it with your favorite bra!

How do you find the two looks? :) 

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