Thursday, August 15, 2013

Not Just Your Ordinary Granny Panty

fashion blogger, Cymone Hartley of LOVE HARTLEY 

If to choose between a granny panty (high-waist) or a bikini (low-waist) which would you like best? The answer depends on your preference. Depends on what kind of bottom would you wear. For instance you're planning to wear high-waist full circle skirt like Cymone, she picked a granny panty to go with it!

The TATIANA panty is not just your ordinary granny panty. It's a two-piece wonder that works best with its matching longline bra. The panty may look old school, well because of its high waist, it's still our best choice when you want to wear a skirt.

The reason being is, it's high-waist band compresses the waist and lower abdomen making your midriff more trimmed. Plus the leg hole fits and clings just right and not too high. It offers more coverage than other panty styles so when the tough wind came to blow your skirt, you're armed with the right undie!

see full post of Cymone here.

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