Tuesday, August 6, 2013

National Underwear Day

We're not all about shapewear and fashion, but we're also pointing nose to national events that contribute to the lingerie market. And we find a seemingly intriguing yet fun annual event, every lingerie and underwear lovers out there would surely love to be with!!!

Who would have thought there'd be a day to celebrate your underwear? Well a lingerie retailer does! FRESHPAIR A leading internet retailer of men's and women's intimate apparel, established the NATIONAL UNDERWEAR DAY during the 5th of August to simply commemorate the seemingly unnoticed importance of undies. The company believes that a good outfit begins with a good-fitting bra or panties, boxers, or briefs. Confidence comes from within and what you wear under your clothes affect how you would carry an outfit. To celebrate the importance of underwear, a parade of men and women in NYC are dressed in decent underwears and proudly flaunt what they got!

This regular event has reached different markets, including cancer survivors struggling to regain their lives, men and women suffering with poor body image, and young and old embracing their sexuality. The day is to take advantage of being proud of yourself  and just be YOU.

and since we're speaking about underwear, we find a pretty amusing and unique bra advertisement from Korea that would make you laugh and get one bra too for yourself!!

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