Monday, August 12, 2013

Lingerie Stitched in 24-K Gold

Why not?! While our Vedette shapewear luxury pieces are sewn with Swarovski crystals, lingerie label, Rococo Dessours, seems like enjoying the lucrative feel of 24 karat gold!

Buying luxury pieces for other people, well with of course has the money to spend, sees it as an investment. And true enough, the RD gold-stitched lingerie pieces are true investments in a woman's closet. Not only because of the embroidered gold threads, but because the pieces are beautiful and carefully made to fit well the wearer. Some of the pieces were named after the epitomes of luxury and class, like Cleopatra, and some princesses. 

Each cost to reach $1 million dollars per piece and vary depending on the intricacy of the designs.. Would you believe that RD is about to release their ultra-luxe collection of shapewear pieces embellished with diamonds??! Agh!

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