Friday, August 30, 2013


fashion blogger, Cindy of MY STYLESPOT in her Ines bodysuit

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moms Have Nothing To Hide

fashion and mommy blogger, ROBIN of FRANNIEPANTZ in her Viveka bustier

Moms spend most of her time taking care of her family, doing household chores, or sometimes working. At some point in her life, taking time to pamper herself is at the very least of her priorities. 

That's why we asked for Frannie's help to show to the moms out there that despite of them being busy with family and career, they do can always FEEL AND LOOK GOOD! 

We found out that most mom are afraid of dressing-up in clothes that might reveal their bellies, or their arms. They find themselves not perfect or not beautiful at all. That's why we let Frannie to try our shapewear pieces and make her feel good about herself. To let her be herself and try incorporating her shapewear on to her outfits.

Find-out how here she  feels about her VIVEKA and FRANCESCA shapewear pieces! And know the reason why she finds wearing shapewear a treat to moms! :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


fashion blogger, Sian of REBEL ANGEL in her Rosina bodysuit

Transform a bodysuit into a casual yet elegant day trip outfit! Find-out how Sian worked out her Rosina bodysuit, you would even have mistaken her outfit as a dress! :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

GIVEAWAY ALERT: The Perfect Match

Something's coming today at VEDETTE! keep your eyes posted :) Meanwhile take the time to read our mechanics! :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Risque In Trying The Innerwear-as-outerwear look

Just like you our nose is out there to the red carpet photos in the recently held MTV VMAs! We are stunned to see a lot of red carpet outfits with thigh-high slits or such revealing side cuts and cleavage here and there. In short, the celebs are all for showing-off much skin.

Aside from the slits and cut-out dresses, we are alarmed with too revealing outfits of Selena Gomez and Erin Wasson. Though they are two outfits accepted in the fashion industry, well innerwear-as-outerwear trend, still donning the trend is quite too much for a red carpet event.


SELENA GOMEZ's outfit is too revealing and sexy for her age. Though we have to admit, her way of showing-off her innerwear, and her thigh-high slit is lined with some air of class and elegance. No matter how sexy her chest area is, with that lace bra corset, we love how she balanced everything off. Like the choice of long sleeves which balances her too high slit and too revealing neckline. Her long straight hair which is simple and classy. Her drop earrings and her light natural make-up added that goddess feel. So no matter how too sexy her outfit is, we still find it elegant.


Moving on, with ERIN WASSON's outfit, we find it a tad bit too revealing, and sad to say, tacky. Showing-off too much of what you have underneath is not proper and not showing-off good taste. For a red carpet appearance, this is way too improper and just suits beside a pool area. 

Innerwear-as-outerwear look trend may be something new to try, but always remember that the right way to do it, so to always balance everything. Too much of something is always bad. Make sure to try the trend with class and always complete an outfit looking elegant and not tacky!

The way you dress speaks up first on how other people will think of you at first glance!
So always make sure to dress up with class and elegance all the time!

Friday, August 23, 2013


All women are beautiful inside and out, we just don't see it sometimes because we sometimes judge people by how they look outside. True beauty lies within and not just on the outside. :)


Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Shine

fashion blogger AMANDA of APT STYLE DIVA in her Gianna bodysuit

We make our pieces available to any body type, just like the Gianna bodysuit. It's a luxury shapewear under Vedette Sensuale line, that is embedded with Swarovski crystals. Find-out how Amanda gave it a twist and wore it as an outerwear! 


Want to know how Rebecca of WINNIPEG STYLE  gave life to these pretty shapewear pieces? Take a look on her outfits right after the jump!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY: Bandeau Innertop

It's summer and it would be nicer to try to be a lil creative! Time for another DIY project! In case you are in a hurry and you noticed your sleeveless dress, or tanktop is way too revealing, then you'd need a bandeau top to go underneath! Here's how you could do one:

-use your old leggings
-cut a portion of it just like instructed on the photo above
- put a mark on how tight you'd want it to be
-sew the sides

...and whoala! you have an instant bandeau top!for more details visit SKUNKYBOY BLOG!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Beneath The White Pants

This summer, it's the hot white pants who's taking center stage! But did you know, wearing one might cause you a wardrobe malfunction? White is a risque if you don't know what should go underneath! No matter how thick the fabric of your white pants is, there's always a chance that you could get your panty peeking through! 

If you're wondering what to do, here's what's you should do...

Rachel capri panty shaper that molds the waist and hips and shapes the thighs

Under a white pants, it's always best  to pick a nude or skin -tone underwear without prints, and the one that offers good coverage and as much as possible seamless. This is so make sure your undie stays hidden and not peeking-through!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


fashion blogger, Cindy Batchelor of MY STYLE SPOT wearing VALERIE waist cincher

It's the personality that sticks to mind not just pure appearance. It's still what's inside you that matters than how you looked outside.

Do not forget to join the GUESS THE SHAPEWEAR GIVEAWAY! it ends on Monday!
Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Not Just Your Ordinary Granny Panty

fashion blogger, Cymone Hartley of LOVE HARTLEY 

If to choose between a granny panty (high-waist) or a bikini (low-waist) which would you like best? The answer depends on your preference. Depends on what kind of bottom would you wear. For instance you're planning to wear high-waist full circle skirt like Cymone, she picked a granny panty to go with it!

The TATIANA panty is not just your ordinary granny panty. It's a two-piece wonder that works best with its matching longline bra. The panty may look old school, well because of its high waist, it's still our best choice when you want to wear a skirt.

The reason being is, it's high-waist band compresses the waist and lower abdomen making your midriff more trimmed. Plus the leg hole fits and clings just right and not too high. It offers more coverage than other panty styles so when the tough wind came to blow your skirt, you're armed with the right undie!

see full post of Cymone here.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Keeping Your Shape Even At The Lake!

fashion blogger Cindy of MY STYLESPOT in her Noemi bodysuit

Wearing a bodysuit as an outerwear takes on another level of styling! Watch the video and see how Cindy flaunts her Naomi bodysuit as a swimwear! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Guess The Shapewear

It's time for a new giveaway!And because we want all of you dear fans to have a chance to try on our shapewear, we are giving away 3 surprise shapewear pieces to 3 lucky winners of the giveaway! How? Read further...

In order to join the giveaway, the participant should like the Vedette fan page first. The giveaway is open to US and international fans!

Then watch-out for the poster containing the picture of the blogger wearing the Vedette piece. Take a guess on what shapewear the blogger is wearing among the choices!

We will be choosing 3 lucky fans who guessed the answer right! That easy! 

Stay-tuned for the giveaway release on Vedette fan page within the day!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Lingerie Stitched in 24-K Gold

Why not?! While our Vedette shapewear luxury pieces are sewn with Swarovski crystals, lingerie label, Rococo Dessours, seems like enjoying the lucrative feel of 24 karat gold!

Buying luxury pieces for other people, well with of course has the money to spend, sees it as an investment. And true enough, the RD gold-stitched lingerie pieces are true investments in a woman's closet. Not only because of the embroidered gold threads, but because the pieces are beautiful and carefully made to fit well the wearer. Some of the pieces were named after the epitomes of luxury and class, like Cleopatra, and some princesses. 

Each cost to reach $1 million dollars per piece and vary depending on the intricacy of the designs.. Would you believe that RD is about to release their ultra-luxe collection of shapewear pieces embellished with diamonds??! Agh!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


fashion blogger Kathleen of INSPIRAFASHION wearing her Marian bodysuit

Sometimes we seek what we don't have, compare ourselves to others and make a fool out of our own imperfections. It's not healthy for yourself to lower your self-esteem. It's best that you hug for yourself including your flaws, for they complete you and makes you more beautiful and incomparable to anybody else!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

How To Wear A Shapewear As Outerwear?

Planning to take a spin on the innerwear-as-an -outerwear trend?! Well today a video will help you style a shapewear as  an outerwear!  Learn simple tricks on how to look classy but not trashy with your bodysuit being a part of your outfit! Enjoy the video!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Styling A Bodysuit For An Evening Wear

fashion blogger, Olga of MY BLONDE GAL in her Marian bodysuit

We've been showing you different outfits and ways to style shapewear as an outerwear. This time, we'll take it up a notch! Planning to go to a formal event but spending too much for a one-night-cocktail- dress isn't just fair? Then try taking out your Marian bodysuit and work-out a great formal attire! Olga paired her bodysuit with royal blue maxi skirt, sexy heels, and a gold plated belt and boxy clutch to complete the look! 

The Marian bodysuit is a one-shoulder shapewear with lace accent making it suitable not just for underwear use, but also for outerwear styling too! 

see more photos of Olga and her outfit here.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

National Underwear Day

We're not all about shapewear and fashion, but we're also pointing nose to national events that contribute to the lingerie market. And we find a seemingly intriguing yet fun annual event, every lingerie and underwear lovers out there would surely love to be with!!!

Who would have thought there'd be a day to celebrate your underwear? Well a lingerie retailer does! FRESHPAIR A leading internet retailer of men's and women's intimate apparel, established the NATIONAL UNDERWEAR DAY during the 5th of August to simply commemorate the seemingly unnoticed importance of undies. The company believes that a good outfit begins with a good-fitting bra or panties, boxers, or briefs. Confidence comes from within and what you wear under your clothes affect how you would carry an outfit. To celebrate the importance of underwear, a parade of men and women in NYC are dressed in decent underwears and proudly flaunt what they got!

This regular event has reached different markets, including cancer survivors struggling to regain their lives, men and women suffering with poor body image, and young and old embracing their sexuality. The day is to take advantage of being proud of yourself  and just be YOU.

and since we're speaking about underwear, we find a pretty amusing and unique bra advertisement from Korea that would make you laugh and get one bra too for yourself!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

GUEST POST: My Favorite Vedette Piece

fashion blogger Cymone of LOVE HARTLEY in her Sarah bustier

Vedette has so many gorgeous pieces to choose from that can be worn in many ways; but my favourite piece is the Sarah shape wear with bra.  She hugs your body at all the right places, and she also firms your bust down and really helps with those problem areas such as firming your tummy.

I love this piece because it’s so sexy yet elegant; the silver detailing on the front really gave my look that perfect touch without looking too sexy. I chose to wear mine over a long sleeve sweater just because I find at times my bust area can be a bit to busty in shape wears, so pairing a long sleeve sweater underneath the shape wear really masked the size of my bust making the piece more elegant and appropriate to wear for an event or even for a night out with the girls.

The SARAH piece also really defined my body shape as well, and every girl loves when there is that perfect piece that makes them look slimmer and feel better.

Friday, August 2, 2013


blogger Kizzy of A DAINTY DOLLS HOUSE in her Rosina bodysuit

Loving oneself is loving your whole self. We are all works of God's art and love and we certainly deserve to be loved and be accepted for who we are. Acceptance comes from yourself before other people would accept you and love you. 


Thursday, August 1, 2013

BLOGGER OF THE MONTH: Cilla of Fashberries

fashion blogger, Cilla of FASHBERRIES wearing her Zoe waist cincher

This summer, try outfits with pop of colors! The safest to go with is to play around with two colors! Take for instance with Cilla's outfit, she partnered white with aqua blue. And did you know that the corset belt she is actually wearing is a real corset? She just wore it as an outerwear and used as a belt accent. It's another way to use your shapewear now that the summer heat won't permit you to wear in layers.