Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Pin-up Girl!

blogger Alexe of DOLL POUPEE in her Tatienne bodysuit

If there's a look a woman envies or dreams of trying to, is the Pin-up Girl look. Pin-up girls may be too sexy for a day to day life, but there's just something about it that makes every woman want to try it! Well, you can always do your own version of Pin-up look! You don't have to show too much skin or become overly sensual to achieve the look. You just need a load of confidence and a good clothing piece to start on!

If corsets and sexy bustiers are the Pin-up girls' usual attire, well you could try something different! Why not use your bra-less waist cincher  bodysuit like the TATIENNE, instead? It's a corset-type with a romantic lace accent. It comes bra less. so this means, you can wear a matching bra with it! 

With Alexe's version, she paired her TATIENNE with a high-waist denim shorts to highlight her waist and to make the look more pin-up girl-ish, plus accented her over-all look with red belt,red heels, red lips, red ribbon headband and that sexy big hair!

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