Thursday, July 11, 2013

12 Months of Vedette: July

Hey everyone! Rebecca's back with 2 sets of sweet outfits working around 2 of her chosen Vedette pieces! Now that's Summer's here, sure you'll love Rebecca's colorful sunny outfits!

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LOOK #1 Tatiana bra

A longline bra like TATIANA works not just a great undie but also a top to pair with your pants or skirt. Take it from Rebecca, she paired it with a white skirt and floral blazer and off she looks so dainty with her Summer-ready outfit! This summer, it's much more convenient to wear outfits in less layers. Good thing pretty undies are there to the rescue! They're made with enough coverage to protect the body, but with a fashionable look, to pass as an outerwear!

This summer, white pants are definitely IN! Not only they pretty much go with any colors of  tops, but also, they are comfier and breezier to wear! But take note, any white bottoms need extra care when wearing! NEVER WEAR COLORFUL OR PRINTED UNDIES under white pants, they'll be peeking through! Instead, opt for a nude undie to cover you up just like Rebecca did with her RACHEL panty shaper! Remember, a good outfit is not just comprised of matching pieces, but also, with a matching underwear to go with it!

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