Monday, July 8, 2013

DIY BRA: A bra strap converter for low-back clothes

Hey everyone! It's another week once again! Now that summer is here and the weather is really scorching hot, most of us would probably be bff's with our sleeveless, low-back outfits. Well, for the simple reason that they're much breezy and comfier to wear under a humid weather isn't it? :) 

Low-back tops or dresses require you to have a bra that won't peek its straps while on it. And since getting a specific style for these kind of garments may be tasky, we might as well share to you a brilliant DIY project we've seen over our favorite DIY handmade website, PINTEREST.

It's time to create your own bra strap converter, that will make your regular bra, a suitable one for low-back garments! Read further on the link provided to see the detailed steps and the details of the materials you'll need! 


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  1. It is an amazing tip to hide the bra strap for low back garments. Just by using simple things anyone can low back bra converter by themselves. Thanks for sharing!