Monday, July 1, 2013

BLOGGER OF THE MONTH: KD of The Girl With The Messy Hair

fashion blogger, KD of The Girl With The Messy Hair in her Veronique bodysuit

We're halfway through 2013!!! And now that the weather's warmer, it's time to spice-up your summer outfits with bursts of colors!!! Summer dressing could be a tricky especially if you are a regular user of a shapewear. Wearing one might cause you too much layering that may lead to uncomfy, hot, humid feeling! 

Good thing, shapewear are as pretty as your regular colorful tops! They can go well as an outerwear without the worry of proper coverage, and lack of style! KD is wearing her Veronique bodysuit as a top paired with her white blazer and gray shorts! Such a pop of color on her gray, black and white ensemble! 

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