Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ASK MR. VARGAS: July 2013

Hello ladies! Mr. Vargas here and I am writing this post to answer the questions you posted on the Vedette fan page! 



I've already answered this question but to say it again, if you want to wear a shapewear on a daily basis, let's say for work, choose a shapewear that you will be comfortable with. And the MEDIUM COMPRESSION shapewear is a our line of shapewear that offers the most comfort among all our compression.

The Medium Control garments are made with the lightest material plus less latex thus this compresses a bit softer than the higher compression  giving the wearer room to breath, and to feel comfortable. 

For the style, you could go for a bodysuit,if you aim to smoothen your body from the chest area, back, waist up to hips. Or go for the typical panty shapers that shapes your waist, hips, and thighs plus prevent you from having the VPL.




Here in Vedette Shapewear, we encourage women to wear a shapewear in the right size, meaning not too big nor too small. Sizing, fit and comfort plays a big role in achieving the result you want when wearing a shapewear. 

Wearing a shapewear piece smaller than your usual size would actually give you uncomfortable feeling, pain, and most probably you would even have a hard time pulling or wearing one to you! 

The best way to see great results in wearing a shapewear is first to get the right size for your body and understanding how a shapewear should fit

 I am looking for a comfortable shapewear 

that does not "roll down" in the abdomen 

area. Which do you suggest?

To make sure your shapewear won't roll down most especially on the tummy area, is to get a bodysuit with straps or has attached bra cups. These styles have straps that can guarantee the security and position of your shapewear while wearing one.

I suggest these 3 comfy pieces:

Not only these pieces are comfy, but very convenient to wear on almost any style of outfits. Plus they do give that tummy compression you need.

 What inspires you most, when designing for 

the beautiful shapes & curves of women?

The needs of different women that I feel we can deliver here at Vedette Shapewear. We 

are inspired to create more, to become better, and be innovative because we know and 

we feel the different needs of the women of today. It's just rewarding to see and hear 

good news from our customers whenever our shapewear help them achieve their body 

goals, and improve their self-esteem.

What's your favorite shapewear fabric? lace, 

cotton, satin, etc?

The lace is more significant to me for it symbolizes the women, our inspiration for our hardwork. 


The winner of the ASK MR. VARGAS July is...


congratulations! you will get one (1) surprise shapewear from Vedette!

To all the lovely ladies who spent time leaving questions, thank you so much and I shall see again next month for the AUGUST issue of Ask Mr. Vargas!


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