Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How To Wear The Gianna Bodysuit As An Outerwear?

Well, fashion blogger, Manon Hevert of CUTE RED BOW will show you how simple it is! Watch her video outfit post and get a glimpse of her effortless country style look featuring her Gianna bodysuit! Enjoy!<3

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Shapewear

Summer's the season to dress-up in light flowy dresses, white clothing, floral skirts and shorts, and this means wearing the right undergarment to go on different summer outfits! But since summer tends to feel hot, wearing a shapewear may be a bit uncomfortable. That's why we've rounded -up our top 5 shapewear pieces that would work best for the hot weather, and also for your hot summer outfits!

1.  VIVIEN capri panty shaper 

This high-waist capri panty shaper shapes up the waist, hips, and thighs and prevent you from having that visible panty lines in case you plan to wear white fitted pants.

2. TATIANA separates

This white matching bra and panty shorts does its wonders  separately but works hand-in-hand in shaping the breasts and the waist and hips! Plus you can mix and match them with your other bra and panties when you needed to!  These two are best when you plan to wear a summer top paired with  your summer skirt!

3. VEVA bra-less bodysuit

This smooth bra-less bodysuit with attached lace boyshort panty, is best under your summer dresses. They shape you up from the midriff down to the waist and hips! Plus you can wear it any bra that you like!

4. VERONIQUE polka dots bodysuit

Who says you can't wear a shapewear as an outerwear? Well you can! You just have to pick a bodysuit that gives enough coverage and looks pretty to wear as an outerwear, well just like the Veronique! Not only it's pretty, but also, does shape the tummy area too!

5. LEA tank bodysuit

For days when you need to wear a tank top this bodysuit works best! It's not just a bodysuit that shapes the body but also, can be a tank top too paired with a maxi skirt, shorts, or summer pants!

This summer, explore more underwear pieces to play around this season! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

La Roseraie by Alexe

fashion blogger Alexe of DOLL POUPEE  in her Tatienne shapewear

Summer is a fun season to dress-up. You can try to be nautical one day, hippie, retro on the next, or bohemian days after. It's a season much flexible to try some more looks. And today, we would like to share to you, Alexe's dainty bohemian summer outfit! Hers is an outfit she worked around her Tatienne bodysuit. It's nude and has lace accents making it more appealing and pretty to be worn as an outerwear also. It serves not just a shaping garment but also a good fashion clothing to complete an outfit. She styled it by pairing with her nude tulle skirt, nude lace cover-up and nude pair of heels.

Isn't it such a lovely boho outfit for Summer? :)

Friday, July 26, 2013


Embracing your uniqueness is much more better than sobbing with things that you don't have or you are not. Just be yourself all the time and you'll see your own self shining through! :)


Thursday, July 25, 2013

This summer, you might find it challenging to pull-off any outfit because of the heat. Well let Jacquelyn show you how she used her Angelique bodysuit as a top and transform it and work it for both of her day and night look!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BEFORE AND AFTER: Lucille Bodysuit


fashion blogger Cindy Batchelor of MY STYLE SPOT wearing underneath her Lucille bodysuit

"You can tell my tummy looks much more shapely 

and like I really did get that bikini body in time for 


This summer, white clothing is the most popular of all. Well aside from, it's easy to pair with almost any pieces of clothing, white is breezy and comfy to the feeling most especially on summer heat.. But did you know that white is also a color most women would prefer not wearing? Why? Because of it's a color with a greater chance of accentuating flaw body areas like the abdomen, waist, hips or arms. Not like black outfits, who tend to make the wearer appear slimmer. 

This summer be worry-free with wearing white outfits! You could always wear a shapewear beneath it! And because summer requires you to wear a comfy and thin outfits, we recommend our MEDIUM CONTROL SHAPEWEAR. This line of Vedette Shapewear offers pieces that are lightweight, soft to the body and does not cling too much to secure breezy feeling! Just like what Cindy is wearing. 

On the photo above, Cindy is wearing the LUCILLE bodysuit in nude color. The medium compression of the bodysuit gives a focus tightness on the abdomen and waist area thus making Cindy's torso (on the AFTER picture) more smoother, tighter, and slimmer than her BEFORE photo.Plus, since the bodysuit is nude, it doesn't appear too obvious on her dress!

check-out more of Cindy's before and after photos here.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

GUEST POST ARTICLE: Top 5 Tips For Wearing Shapewear

Hello there, I’m Kizzy, from The Dainty Dolls House, giving you my Top 5 Tips for wearing shapewear. I've worn corsets for many years now & have discovered the same ease with introducing these pieces into my wardrobe & I’m here to share them with all of you! Shapewear is a lifesaver in those moments where you just need that added ‘pick me up’ to look your very best. Just some easy, yet effective ways to ensure you enjoy wearing your shape wear to the fullest!

1. Know your measurements! It’s crazy when you realize how many of us ladies go around without knowing any of our measurements. Think of all the clothes and lingerie pieces we've bought that were too big or small or just didn't feel right, this could have been easily resolved before buying if we’d known our measurements. If you don’t have anyone at home to measure you, there are plenty of shops now that offer free measuring services, so you can shop with ease, knowing what will suit your body and what won’t will save you a lot of grief and money. 

2. Try & Test Run! Once you receive your shape wear piece, do wear it in the house for a for a few hours each day, until you feel you are used to the contouring effect it will have on your body. Just getting the piece on can be a task, so you may want to make sure someone is home with you, to assist if you should need. Once you feel the shaper is moving with you and causing you no problems, you are good to go. The shaper should feel comfortable & not something that is restricting your breathing in any way. If this is the case, take it off and let your body rest. You may need another size or adjustments. This is another reason why it is very important to know your measurements well. Also, always take the shaper off at night to let your muscles relax, wearing it too long can cause your muscles to become lazy and not tone and tighten properly if/when you exercise. There are many different types of shape wear available for your needs.

3. Be Creative! Just because it’s a shape wear piece, doesn't mean you have to wear it under your clothes. Make it part of your outfit, if the piece works. A bustier can easily be worn as part of your outfit, the pretty designs are made to be shown off. Team it as part of a costume, I wore one of my shapers in a costume like effect. Not only was it fun, I looked great as well. I created a costume in a matter of minutes.

4.  Take care of your shape wear.  Know whether you can put it in the washer or whether it’s best to hand wash. Treat them just as you would your best lingerie, put them somewhere they won’t get bent or crushed, so that when you put them on the next time, they will feel just as great as it did the first time.  Check any tags for washing instructions before washing to insure they won’t get twisted or stretched in the wash cycle. 

5. Love your body! If you don’t first love your body whatever size it may be, no shaper will ever help you in any way. It can give you shape, boost your posture, make you walk taller, give you curves, but if you can’t look in the mirror and love what you see, then it won’t work!! These are about enhancing the beauty that is already there, not covering it up or being ashamed of it, it’s about dressing up and showing it off and telling the world this is who I am & I love me!! We all have parts that need work or toned & that’s ok, it’s normal. It’s why shapers and corsets and beautiful things like this exist, so we can wear them, feel great & look great and how we wish to look and love ourselves as we are. And that’s most important!

I hope all of these tips will come in handy the next time you reach for your Vedette Shapewear piece. Remember, you only look as good as you feel, so feel great about yourself no matter what!! 


Monday, July 22, 2013

GIVEAWAY ALERT: The Perfect Match Giveaway PART 5

Something's coming-up tomorrow morning at the Vedette fan page! Make sure to read the mechanics so when this psoter's up, and once you see this on our fan page, you'll know what to do! A total of 4 lucky fans will win one Vedette shapewear each! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013


fashion blogger Kizzy of DAINTY DOLLS in her Gianna shapewear

Loving yourself need not any approval from other people, so never let those insecure and negative things they're saying, affect you. Just be yourself and love yourself because you know yourself more than anyone in this world! :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Styling A Bra-less Bodysuit

Who knows a bodysuit could make a big difference to your outfit? Well not as an undergarment but as an outerwear! Watch the video and see how Olga styled her CATERINA bodysuit as an outerwear! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ASK MR. VARGAS: July 2013

Hello ladies! Mr. Vargas here and I am writing this post to answer the questions you posted on the Vedette fan page! 



I've already answered this question but to say it again, if you want to wear a shapewear on a daily basis, let's say for work, choose a shapewear that you will be comfortable with. And the MEDIUM COMPRESSION shapewear is a our line of shapewear that offers the most comfort among all our compression.

The Medium Control garments are made with the lightest material plus less latex thus this compresses a bit softer than the higher compression  giving the wearer room to breath, and to feel comfortable. 

For the style, you could go for a bodysuit,if you aim to smoothen your body from the chest area, back, waist up to hips. Or go for the typical panty shapers that shapes your waist, hips, and thighs plus prevent you from having the VPL.




Here in Vedette Shapewear, we encourage women to wear a shapewear in the right size, meaning not too big nor too small. Sizing, fit and comfort plays a big role in achieving the result you want when wearing a shapewear. 

Wearing a shapewear piece smaller than your usual size would actually give you uncomfortable feeling, pain, and most probably you would even have a hard time pulling or wearing one to you! 

The best way to see great results in wearing a shapewear is first to get the right size for your body and understanding how a shapewear should fit

 I am looking for a comfortable shapewear 

that does not "roll down" in the abdomen 

area. Which do you suggest?

To make sure your shapewear won't roll down most especially on the tummy area, is to get a bodysuit with straps or has attached bra cups. These styles have straps that can guarantee the security and position of your shapewear while wearing one.

I suggest these 3 comfy pieces:

Not only these pieces are comfy, but very convenient to wear on almost any style of outfits. Plus they do give that tummy compression you need.

 What inspires you most, when designing for 

the beautiful shapes & curves of women?

The needs of different women that I feel we can deliver here at Vedette Shapewear. We 

are inspired to create more, to become better, and be innovative because we know and 

we feel the different needs of the women of today. It's just rewarding to see and hear 

good news from our customers whenever our shapewear help them achieve their body 

goals, and improve their self-esteem.

What's your favorite shapewear fabric? lace, 

cotton, satin, etc?

The lace is more significant to me for it symbolizes the women, our inspiration for our hardwork. 


The winner of the ASK MR. VARGAS July is...


congratulations! you will get one (1) surprise shapewear from Vedette!

To all the lovely ladies who spent time leaving questions, thank you so much and I shall see again next month for the AUGUST issue of Ask Mr. Vargas!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Pin-up Girl!

blogger Alexe of DOLL POUPEE in her Tatienne bodysuit

If there's a look a woman envies or dreams of trying to, is the Pin-up Girl look. Pin-up girls may be too sexy for a day to day life, but there's just something about it that makes every woman want to try it! Well, you can always do your own version of Pin-up look! You don't have to show too much skin or become overly sensual to achieve the look. You just need a load of confidence and a good clothing piece to start on!

If corsets and sexy bustiers are the Pin-up girls' usual attire, well you could try something different! Why not use your bra-less waist cincher  bodysuit like the TATIENNE, instead? It's a corset-type with a romantic lace accent. It comes bra less. so this means, you can wear a matching bra with it! 

With Alexe's version, she paired her TATIENNE with a high-waist denim shorts to highlight her waist and to make the look more pin-up girl-ish, plus accented her over-all look with red belt,red heels, red lips, red ribbon headband and that sexy big hair!

Monday, July 15, 2013


It's the time again for another...

JULY 2013 edition!

Halfway through the rest of 2013 and we're still on a high to launch the ASK MR.VARGAS GIVEAWAY! Another chance to win a surprise shapewear for 1 lucky fan! all you have to do is follow the mechanics below!

It's Monday, and we want to give you a nice start for the week ahead by holding another exciting giveaway!!! Not only you get a chance to ask Mr. Vargas, you also get a chance to win a surprise Vedette piece! So here's how you could do it:

1. Giveaway is open to US residents only.
2. Be sure to like our fan page to be able to join:
3. Look for Mr. Vargas' timeline post with is quote.
4. Leave one question under Mr.Vargas quote. First 5 to post questions will only be accepted.
5. These 5 fans will get a chance to win (1) one surprise shapewear! Only one fan will be randomly picked to win! 

Do you already have a question in mind? :) GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!:) Mr. Vargas will be posting his quote anytime today!:)

Friday, July 12, 2013


It's not the clothes that make a woman, nor her stature in life, but it's her confidence over herself that makes her beautiful! 

HAVE A HAPPY WEEKEND LADIES!!! See you Monday for a new giveaway! :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

12 Months of Vedette: July

Hey everyone! Rebecca's back with 2 sets of sweet outfits working around 2 of her chosen Vedette pieces! Now that's Summer's here, sure you'll love Rebecca's colorful sunny outfits!

Are you ready yet? Click further to see more!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SALE ALERT: Clearance Sale at 35% OFF!!!

We know you want sales!!! So here we are back with a CLEARANCE SALE! Selected items are priced at 35% off!!! Never let the chance to pass without getting a Vedette piece or two! Do not forget to drop by at the Vedette Store and shop! 


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Styling The Lea bodysuit

fashion blogger, Monika of MON CHERRIES wearing the LEA bodysuit

The best way to wear a lingerie as an outerwear is to wear one as a top, if possible. Make sure to pick a style that has enough coverage to offer plus a great styling appeal to make it appropriate for showing.

Monika picked the LEA bodysuit in nude to pair with her nude pleated skirt, nude pumps, and a trusty black leather jacket to balance the femininity of her outfit! The LEA bodysuit resembles like a tank top so it is much easier  to wear around. 

How about you, which among the Vedette shapewear are you eyeing to wear as an outerwear? 

Monday, July 8, 2013

DIY BRA: A bra strap converter for low-back clothes

Hey everyone! It's another week once again! Now that summer is here and the weather is really scorching hot, most of us would probably be bff's with our sleeveless, low-back outfits. Well, for the simple reason that they're much breezy and comfier to wear under a humid weather isn't it? :) 

Low-back tops or dresses require you to have a bra that won't peek its straps while on it. And since getting a specific style for these kind of garments may be tasky, we might as well share to you a brilliant DIY project we've seen over our favorite DIY handmade website, PINTEREST.

It's time to create your own bra strap converter, that will make your regular bra, a suitable one for low-back garments! Read further on the link provided to see the detailed steps and the details of the materials you'll need! 


Saturday, July 6, 2013


fashion blogger Surbhi Suri of The Fashion Flite wearing her Angelique bodysuit underneath

It's never too late to appreciate the goodness of life. Just like appreciating your body and yourself just the way you are!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

SALE ALERT: Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone!!! And to celebrate this very important day, we're giving you all the liberty to shop any shapewear on the Vedette store * and get them at 35% off!!! How great is that right? Grab all the opportunity you can get, and shop for your favorite pieces!!!


*medium control shapewear pieces are not included in the promo

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Which Is Your Favorite Panty Style?

Apart from shopping clothes, shoes, and bags, women are drawn to shopping undies and lingerie! Admit it or not, unlike men, women need almost all of the style available in the market from bras to panties, to shapewear etc. BECAUSE, women wear almost anything that's why our undies should match what we are wearing. 

The most common style of all  are the classic briefs and the bikinis. They are much more comfy to wear especially under pants and for everyday use. 

For special occasions that need you to be carefree and look even more polished, the V-strings, thongs, and the control briefs are to the rescue! They are seamless in effect so you won't have to worry about the nightmare of VPLs!

Whereas the hip huggers, boyshorts, smileys, and tanga sare too cute to pass that most women tend to wear them as part of their sleeping attire. They are way comfy too like the classic briefs and the bikinis but way too prettier than them usual! 

So, which of these do you often wear? :)

Wedding Shapewear

Some are asking us, if it's comfortable to wear a shapewear under a wedding dress. Well given that, wedding dresses are voluminous, and might be too heavy already to wear another layer of undies beneath. 

Vedette Shapewear offers shapewear pieces designed to cater a woman's need but without restricting her of having a comfortable feeling while in it. 

Fashion blogger Amanda Light of PRIM AND PROPAH collaborated with us for her sister's wedding. Her sister is looking for a great underwear beneath her wedding dress, that will both keep her in shape, covered and will keep her comfy for the rest of her special day. She picked the LILIAN braless bdosyuit for her tube body-forming dress. (please see the link to read more about this)

Below are our top 5 picks that you can choose from in case you plan to tie-the-knot!

Best under a mermaid body-fit wedding dress that needs you to have a smooth tummy, waist, hips, and thighs. 

Best under a smooth wedding dress wherein lumps and bumps on the mid-section down to your hips are not necessary. The lace hem is sure to give you that NO VPL look!

Just like what Amanda's sister picked! This one's a one-piece comfortable shapewear, You don't have to worry about VPLs or uncomfy sititng positions, since the panty style is just like a shorts, plus this can be worn with or without straps to follow the neckline of the dress!

IVANA waist cincher

In case you just want to tone your tummy area, and nothing more. This waist cincher, just hugs your tummy and shapes your waist! 

Nothing beats the comfort you get when you wear your ever trusty separates: bra and panty. But since you'll be wearing it under your wedding dress, make sure they're beautiful as well. The TATIANA long line bra is best under a sleeveless deep neckline dress. Its high-waist boyshort panty is just perfect with almost any style of wedding dress. It's guaranteed it won't let you down with any VPLs! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

BLOGGER OF THE MONTH: KD of The Girl With The Messy Hair

fashion blogger, KD of The Girl With The Messy Hair in her Veronique bodysuit

We're halfway through 2013!!! And now that the weather's warmer, it's time to spice-up your summer outfits with bursts of colors!!! Summer dressing could be a tricky especially if you are a regular user of a shapewear. Wearing one might cause you too much layering that may lead to uncomfy, hot, humid feeling! 

Good thing, shapewear are as pretty as your regular colorful tops! They can go well as an outerwear without the worry of proper coverage, and lack of style! KD is wearing her Veronique bodysuit as a top paired with her white blazer and gray shorts! Such a pop of color on her gray, black and white ensemble!