Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Nude Bra

fashion blogger Jacquelyn of STYLE WORTHWHILE

Most women would think that a black bra is a must in one's closet, but seldom a, nude bra. A black bra looks good with almost any outfit, but a white shirt. 

In today's fashion trend, when you wear a semi-sheer white shirt, it's okay to show-off your bra may it be in neon colors, printed, or not- because that's an IN thing to do! In case that showing-off a bra is not within your zone, a good nude bra is best to wear with your semi-sheer white shirt, or top.

Like the black bra, nude bras are very versatile also but is the only color of bra, that looks more appropriate, elegant, and clean to look at underneath a sheer white top. Remember, showing-off colorful bras under your top is okay so long as you wear it accordingly with the occasion you are going to, but keep in mind, that it's still best to wear a classy nude bra under a white top!

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