Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Frequent Should A Shapewear Be Worn?

Shapewear are safe to wear daily in almost 8 hours a day when needed. Most women wear one underneath their work attires for support and coverage, or for more pleasant appearance. There's no harm a shapewear can bring to the wearer if she plans to wear one for almost the entire day.

BUT, wearing a shapewear should also have a limit especially on times when your body needs to rest. Like when sleeping. Shapewear is not advised to be worn while sleeping to avoid discomfort, and painful areas on your breasts, and other parts of the body. 

Let your body and skin breathe from a day of tightness to avoid pain and discomfort. Too much wearing of a shapewear or any too tight underwear can cause UTI or urinary tract infection on the genitals since, bacteria becomes more active on hot areas. 

If you plan to eat for a day, avoid wearing too tight shapewear to avoid you from having stomach spasms, or heart burns. Eating too much with a shapewear too tight on your body wil l give pressure on your full stomach thus pumping too much gas or stomach acid, which makes your tummy feel acidic or painful after several minutes. 

The best thing to do when wearing a shapewear is to give your body a break at night after almost a day of wearing one. Let your body loosen-up or breath during the night. Plus, also, get as much variety of compression shapewear with different levels of tightness so you could pick under certain matters, which is best to wear!


  1. I am so thankful that someone brought this topic up.
    Shapewear is beneficial to wear but one needs to know all the back ups and limitations.
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  2. Great article and really useful tips! Thank you for featuring my photo as well xx