Thursday, June 6, 2013

DAY TO NIGHT: Jacquelyn

How do you dress-up a bustier if your style is minimalist? Well take it from fashion blogger, Jacquelyn of STYLE WORTHWHILE, and see how she spin her SARAH bustier to both a minimalistic DAY-TO-NIGHT look!

Sarah bustier  + tattered jeans +cardigan + ankle booties

We love the western appeal of Jaquelyn's daytime look! She was able to wear the bustier as her top, without looking overly sexy! Tip: pair a sexy bustier, with rugged and conservative pieces to balance everything!

Sarah bustier + off white kimono robe + black bandage skirt + cage heels

A night look doesn't necessarily mean too sexy-skin baring outfit! You could always look sexy by combining pieces with sexy lace accents, and little details, such as the Sarah bustier and Jacquelyn's heels! The robe added mystery onto her look!

TIP: if you want to look evenly more sexy with any outfit, try wearing a monochromatic outfit so make you look longer and taller, and leaner. 

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