Monday, June 3, 2013

Celebrate Your Body

fashion blogger, Amy Nelson of AMY FLYING A KITE in her Tatienne corset bodysuit

It wasn't until I read their mission statement and browsed through their "I've got nothing to hide campaign" that I was convinced shapewear is more than just a garment for disguising belly fat but also a garment that celebrates your body and is a pretty addition to your wardrobe. 

It has been a year or more since Vedette started the I'VE GOT NOTHING TO HIDE CAMPAIGN. We simply believe that each woman is beautiful regardless of her waistline or what her imperfections are. Body image has always been an issue, and Vedette truly believes that a woman's body is at its most beautiful when you let it shine on its own. Vedette shapewear, knows how to flatter a woman's image best, through shapewear that let you shine without changing or masking who you are, but rather enhance yourself to make you look like more of your best self! 

Read more and find-out how the campaign touched Amy's heart and what she thinks about Vedette shapewear!

HAPPY MONDAY LADIES! Have a good start for the week! 

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