Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It's the 5th part of the ASK MR. VARGAS GIVEAWAY! Today we will be answering another set of questions from our lovely fans!

let's begin!

What is the best way to maximize our bust while slimming our waist?

Sarah bustier

Bustiers are great shapewear pieces to help women achieve a body with a slim waist but with a more shapely breasts. The bustier cinches the waist and pushes and shapes the breasts accordingly.

 What shapewear is the best for wearing a strapless summer dress?

This summer, we recommend you to wear shapewear in medium compression since among all the Vedette compressions, this one's the lightest and holds less tight on the body. I personally suggest, the ELISE bodysuit.

It's a strapless thong bodysuit with medium compression, that's best for summer strapless summer dresses. Summer clothes or dresses for that matter, may tend to come in thinner and flowy fabrics than the usual clothing, so always make sure to get a shapewear with smooth texture to avoid visible underwear lines! This bodysuit is bra-less but you can pair it any matching strapless bra.

What is the best way to make your chest look


You could seek help from your ever trusty compression bras or bustiers to shape and push your breasts to make them look more pleasant.

What shapewear would you recommend wearing for a maxidress that is strapless?

TO ensure that you are all covered up and no visible lines will be present, I;d like to recommend you to wear the ARIANE full body shaper. It is a strapless shapewear with attached bra and mid-thigh panty shaper. The full body shaper comes in a smooth texture and seamless ends to avoid VPL!

What works best for ab support?

Waist cinchers are best in giving the body support. This is because of its boning that makes the body's posture on good stature and form. It keeps the body impact and thus giving more support on the abs area.

Please take note that only the first 5 questions will only be answered and will only be drawn to pick the winner of a shapewear!  Again, thanks to all those who joined! The winner of a surprise shapewear is...


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