Thursday, May 2, 2013

Styling A Bustier: The Print On Print Way

When planning for an outfit to work on a daily basis eats your time, the secret to assembling a work outfit is to start with a versatile piece you can match with almost anything. 

We recommend the SARAH bustier, as a tool for you to begin recreating your work wardrobe. It not just works as an undergarment, but also, a great styling piece to flaunt as an outerwear. 

The easiest thing about styling a black bustier, is that, you can mix it with almost any color of your clothes. 

Begin by working out a single color palette. In Veronica's case, she is working out the colors of black, gray, and white. Next, look for patterns that compliments the lace of the bustier.
Lastly, finish the look by wearing accessories (shoes, and bag) in a solid color that matches the bustier to pop the whole look! Remember to tone down accessories as the prints are already too loud to begin with. 

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