Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rulers Rule: Getting Your Body's Right Measurements

If fashion has no rules,- you can commit fashion suicide, and fashion blunders- well, lingerie or shapewear has... the rule of measurement! Strictly a must! 

In the boom of online shopping, almost anything can be bought through internet in a matter of clicks, and one of which are the shapewear and undies. Since you cannot fit them personally, and just referring on size charts provided by the brands, online, you should know the right way ti getting your measurements, CORRECTLY!

Once you made a mistake, sure you'll land on a shapewear too small or too big for you. 

Here are few easy and informative tips:


Run a tape measure all the way around your body just below your breasts. Be sure to get the measurement in inches. Do not make the tape measure around you, fit too tight, just the right tightness to give room for allowance. Put both your arms down while getting the measurement.

Once you got the number,you may now follow these:
- for odd number measurements: you can try one size down your measurement or one size up.
example: 33 is the measurement, meaning you could try bras with either 32 or 34 inches in band.

- for even number measurements: that is the right measurement for you. 


Since all women have different breasts shape and size, the best way to get the measurement is to base it from your underbust measurement. The bra band, goes in proportion with the bra cups so it won't be a hard task really. In case, the bra cups are small for you, you could get one size bigger. or smaller, depending on the fit. 

Or you could use your current bra size as reference. 


Run a tape measure all the way around your body just above your hips bones and all the way around your upper butt.

5. Run a tape measure all the way around your body just above your midsection.Or a point just or above your belly button where your pants usually begin.

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