Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Meet Your Different Kinds of Bras

The thing about ladies' underwear, we've got a wide array of undie choices: from colors, to cut,to style, to use, to texture, print, and more! Seems like lingerie companies got us covered!  But how well do you know which type of bra best suit you, or a certain outfit? or occasion? 

The above image shows the basic styles of bras most women wear. SO if you think you are torn between two bra styles, well for now you've got some helpful idea on which best to pick! 

Our top 3 must-have bra styles:
for regular daily use
for times when crazy tops need you to hide your bra lines and straps
you'll never run out of outfit ideas when you have your trusty camisole you can both wear underneath your clothes, or even as an outerwear.

which of these you like the most? 

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