Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MEDIUM CONTROL: Your Starter Shapewear

Like we mentioned on this post, there are several guidelines you might want to consider in case you want to begin wearing a shapewear reagularly. And one of which is the kind of shapewear you should begin with.

Your body needs a good starter shapewear to warm it up and get used to a tight compression. VEDETTE SHAPEWEAR offers 3 levels of compression shapewear to address different body needs: MEDIUM CONTROL, FIRM CONTROL, and EXTRA FIRM CONTROL. Medium Control is the lightest compression among all, and above the three, the pieces in this category are much comfier than the other pieces. The compression offered, is in the right amount to give the wearer a light grip while giving a noticeable change in body shape. It smooths out lumps and bumps in the midsection area and on the thighs and hips.

The MEDIUM CONTROL shapewear are best to be worn in a daily basis, say, under your work outfits in straight hours without the worry of any pain. It's so comfy that you can wear them most of the time. Once the body is used to getting some compression, you can move on with much more tighter pieces.

As pictured above:
1. ELISE bra-less bodysuit 
2. NATALIE bra-less bodysuit
3. MARI bra-less bodysuit in boyshort
4. VIVIEN knee-length panty shaper
5. SOPHIE mid-thigh bra-less bodysuit
6. SOPHIE capri bra-less bodysuit

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