Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How A Shapewear Should Fit?

"With my second Vedette piece, ROSINA, which I must say was my favourite of the two. It's really gorgeous and for those of you that wouldn't want something too restrictive, like the last piece, this is the perfect choice for you, as it isn't made to be as fitting, but it's still supportive."

blogger, Kizzy of THE DAINTY DOLLS HOUSE in a Rosina bodysuit

It's not a lie for us that sometimes, we receive some feedback about our shapewear having a tight fitting than the usual. It couldn't be avoided. To help you out on what should a shapewear really fit, we would like to take it from an honest review done by Kizzy. In this post, she was able to wear the LEA bodysuit which she say is way tighter and she really could feel the compression on the body. Whereas, the one she is wearing here, the ROSINA bodysuit, is far more less tighter and comfier than the LEA.

So how should a shapewear really fit?

The fitting depends on the style and level of compression of a shapewear. That's why here in Vedette, we offer different kinds of levels of compressions, from MEDIUM being the less tight compression, to  FIRM which is a bit tight with a smooth less bulge body, to EXTRA FIRM with the tightest grip that gives evident slimming result.

The tighter the compression, the more it gets clingy ti the body, thus if you are not used to wearing a shapewear, you'll feel that any kind of shapewear compression would be too tight and uncomfy. A shapewear should fit like a glove to your body. it should hug you on all places and not meant to loose fit. It clings to the body more obviously than your regular undies. 

To be able to arrive at the best size of shapewear, always get your body measurements right. Check on the size guide if your measurements fall on the given sizes. Before paying, always put a size-up to your order. It's alright to get a one size up since shapewear fit a little too small than its usual size. 

If while putting the shapewear may take you a lil longer or weirder, never worry because all you need is lil stretchign here and there. 

A shapewear fits like second skin so it moves and glides with you no matter how you move.! 

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