Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From Flat To Fab

fashion blogger Cindy of MY STYLE SPOT 

Not all of us are gifted with a Jennifer Lopez's behind, so full and shapely, that she can almost wear any body fitting clothes. But we can always make our tush on its most shapely shape, with just one snap!

Cindy tried wearing our JOANE open-butt enhancer.

Joane is an open-buttom enhancer in high-waist boyshort panty

It may seem funny to look at, that this butt enhancer panty shaper has two holes behind. Usual butt enhancers are padded and covered and totally not like this one. But if you want your natural tush's shape to come out, then this one does the job! Instead of the usual butt pads that gives shape to your behind, the opening on your tush pushes and shapes your behind  naturally. 

If you're worrying about comfort, there's not a single problem at all! Want to know the reason why? Check out Cindy's full review and read more about her experience with the JOANE butt enhancer!

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