Wednesday, May 8, 2013

For Whom Are Shapewear For?

fashion blogger Carla of LITTLE MISS VIOLET 

"Shapewear smooths out lumps and bumps, tightens the waist to enhance curves, and give proper coverage to the body as needed." 

In short, shapewear  is an undergarment that ANY woman can wear. Tell it or not, at some point in our life, we will be needing a great support underwear to back us up in looking even more gorgeous in an outfit! it isn't true that shapewear are for big. chubby women with so much flabs to hide. ANYONE can wear it as long as she wants to, and as long as she is comfortable in it.

Carla's chosen shapewear, the LILIAN bodysuit

Shapewear is a great undie armor, to help improve posture, poise, and shape. As pictured above, there may be nothing different with the photo, but if you look closely, The BEFORE photo shows a big difference in Carla's hips as it is on the AFTER photo. As you can see, Carla's hips are even more shapely and more obvious than it was on the BEFORE photo.

Even slim women have body problem areas that need to be addressed. It's not only the chubby and big women who has the right to wear one. 


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