Friday, May 31, 2013


fashion blogger Stephanie of CHOCOLATE LACED in her SILVANA bodysuit

Change always start from within. And if you want to see change and acceptance of yourself, and let the world knows how beautiful you are, you should always start believing in yourself and loving yourself for who you are.


Veronique As Outerwear

Now Spring has sprung, and summer is coming, you could think of ways to wear an outfit with less layering, and showing-off a bit of skin! Of course, dressing-up would be so much fun and less expensive, if you recycle some of your clothes to an outfit you can wear for Sping or Summer. Just like VERONIQUE, a colorful printed bodysuit by Vedette, so pretty you can also wear it as an outerwear too!

Find-out how fashion blogger, Cindy Batchelor of MY STYLE SPOT styled hers, and how she enjoyed wearing it! :) Enjoy the video!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Color Camouflage

Vedette piece in colorful hues
1. Rosina 2. Lilac Veronique 3. Purple Veronique 4. Lilac Zoe 5. French blue Zoe

Well they say, matching undies means, a matching color of bra and panty, but this time we mean something different. Matchy-matchy means your undies' color matches the color of the outfit you're wearing! It's a great styling tip most especially on times you need to get covered at all places. 

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain reveals her purple mid-thigh control panty underneath her purple gown.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes on the other hand, accidentally had a peek-a-boo moment with her nude panty that matches with her nude lace dress.

Sometimes, under any circumstances, we may not avoid but commit wardrobe malfunctions. It's better to be armed and covered than not don't you think so? In times when you plan any outfit to wear, always make it a point to match your undies' color  on the outfit you are wearing, so in case the going gets though, and your skirt flips or your zipper got ruined, you're undie would peek like it's part of your outfit! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ASK OUR STYLIST: What To Wear Under A Plunging Suit

A little styling tip in case you plan to wear a sexy blazer suit. Its deep neckline makes it a little bit of a worry to pair it with an innertop that will match the suit and the look you are trying achieve. If you want to try something new, you could always rely on our longline bra, like the TATIANA for things you need coverage or an inner top under your sexy blazer, than the usual camisoles. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Vedette Shapewear, Unwrapped

Wonder what a Vedette shapewear is made of? And why it's a high-quality shapewear compared to other existing brands? Know some few secrets on what materials. a Vedette piece is composed of!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Loving yourself, is loving your body for what it is, and what it is not. For what it has and what it does not have. Imperfections are simple ways to remind us that all human is born unperfect and it's better to love yourself dearly no matter what!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wearing Bra The Proper Way

Most women experience back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and even breast pain from wearing their bras. The number one reason behind it is either a woman is wearing a wrong-fitting bra, or she's putting the bra the wrong way.

How should a bra be properly worn?  It should start by wearing the bra cups onto your breasts and shoulders, leaning forward to position the breasts, and clasp it into position.
follow the image above to guide you through the right way of wearing a bra

Wearing your bra the wrong way leads to:
-shapeless form of the breasts
- pain on the breast or back area
-slipping of bra cups and bra straps
- unnecessary appearance of bra underneath the clothes

Don't forget to put these simple reminder in mind to keep your breasts from pain and discomfort! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From Flat To Fab

fashion blogger Cindy of MY STYLE SPOT 

Not all of us are gifted with a Jennifer Lopez's behind, so full and shapely, that she can almost wear any body fitting clothes. But we can always make our tush on its most shapely shape, with just one snap!

Cindy tried wearing our JOANE open-butt enhancer.

Joane is an open-buttom enhancer in high-waist boyshort panty

It may seem funny to look at, that this butt enhancer panty shaper has two holes behind. Usual butt enhancers are padded and covered and totally not like this one. But if you want your natural tush's shape to come out, then this one does the job! Instead of the usual butt pads that gives shape to your behind, the opening on your tush pushes and shapes your behind  naturally. 

If you're worrying about comfort, there's not a single problem at all! Want to know the reason why? Check out Cindy's full review and read more about her experience with the JOANE butt enhancer!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Gold Vedette

It's the first second day of the week, and we want to start it with a blast of positive vibes for you to carry on to the rest of the week! And to do that, we'like to feature a video from a fashion blogger, we adore the most, Cymone. She's curvy but she's proud of herself! Watch the video and see how she styled her Josephine bodysuit as an outerwear!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Love your body curves and all, the simple but great secret to living a happy life! 

HAVE A GREAT WEEK AHEAD LADIES! We will be announcing the winners of the MOther's Day Giveaway next week!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Rebecca's halfway her 12-month Vedette Challenge! And it only gets even better to see more shapewear pieces styled in her well-known vintage mod 50s look!

Are you excited to see her 2 looks for the month?

Now that Spring has finally sprung, playing with different colors is just so exciting! For Rebecca's first look, she styled her JUDITH bodysuit as an outerwear in monochromatic hues!  Here's a short styling tip: A classic black bodysuit with bra with full cups are best to replace your usual tank tops under your blazer!

This Spring, pop colors are everywhere, and it shows too on Rebecca's top! We love here colorful rainbow tasseled top, that even if it's black, it's still hip for Spring! This top, according to Rebecca is see-through, and it's a total no-no for a daytime look, to expose bras under see-through tops. It'S overly sexy and not proper. So Rebecca's styling tip is, pick a black bodysuit to remedy a black sheer top! This will give you enough coverage yet in style to avoid peek-a-boos! 

Which of the looks you like most? :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Meet Your Different Kinds of Bras

The thing about ladies' underwear, we've got a wide array of undie choices: from colors, to cut,to style, to use, to texture, print, and more! Seems like lingerie companies got us covered!  But how well do you know which type of bra best suit you, or a certain outfit? or occasion? 

The above image shows the basic styles of bras most women wear. SO if you think you are torn between two bra styles, well for now you've got some helpful idea on which best to pick! 

Our top 3 must-have bra styles:
for regular daily use
for times when crazy tops need you to hide your bra lines and straps
you'll never run out of outfit ideas when you have your trusty camisole you can both wear underneath your clothes, or even as an outerwear.

which of these you like the most? 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rulers Rule: Getting Your Body's Right Measurements

If fashion has no rules,- you can commit fashion suicide, and fashion blunders- well, lingerie or shapewear has... the rule of measurement! Strictly a must! 

In the boom of online shopping, almost anything can be bought through internet in a matter of clicks, and one of which are the shapewear and undies. Since you cannot fit them personally, and just referring on size charts provided by the brands, online, you should know the right way ti getting your measurements, CORRECTLY!

Once you made a mistake, sure you'll land on a shapewear too small or too big for you. 

Here are few easy and informative tips:


Run a tape measure all the way around your body just below your breasts. Be sure to get the measurement in inches. Do not make the tape measure around you, fit too tight, just the right tightness to give room for allowance. Put both your arms down while getting the measurement.

Once you got the number,you may now follow these:
- for odd number measurements: you can try one size down your measurement or one size up.
example: 33 is the measurement, meaning you could try bras with either 32 or 34 inches in band.

- for even number measurements: that is the right measurement for you. 


Since all women have different breasts shape and size, the best way to get the measurement is to base it from your underbust measurement. The bra band, goes in proportion with the bra cups so it won't be a hard task really. In case, the bra cups are small for you, you could get one size bigger. or smaller, depending on the fit. 

Or you could use your current bra size as reference. 


Run a tape measure all the way around your body just above your hips bones and all the way around your upper butt.

5. Run a tape measure all the way around your body just above your midsection.Or a point just or above your belly button where your pants usually begin.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Corset On A Sunset

A good undergarment is both pretty and classy to be worn under and over your clothes! Take inspiration from Veronica of DEAL DIARY on how her pretty and classy corset brought highlight on her casual outfit! 

Hope you like the video! 

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Friday, May 10, 2013


Like we always say here on our blog, loving your body does not mean praising only its good feautures, but also knowing what it is and its imperfection. The more we know our own body, and our personality, the more we know how unique we are and the less we care about what somebody else has to say.

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GIVEAWAY ALERT: Mother's Day Giveaway

FROM VEDETTE SHAPEWEAR! For all the mommies out there, young or old, you deserve to take a break and have a day or two to unwind and pamper yourself!

And as a way for us to celebrate the Mother's day, we are having an easy and exciting giveaway to all of you! Open to anyone! 

All you have to do is spot this photo on VEDETTE FAN PAGE this Sunday May 12, 2013 and follow the mechanics written!!! 10 lucky fans would be pick to win one (1) Vedette Shapewear each


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

For Whom Are Shapewear For?

fashion blogger Carla of LITTLE MISS VIOLET 

"Shapewear smooths out lumps and bumps, tightens the waist to enhance curves, and give proper coverage to the body as needed." 

In short, shapewear  is an undergarment that ANY woman can wear. Tell it or not, at some point in our life, we will be needing a great support underwear to back us up in looking even more gorgeous in an outfit! it isn't true that shapewear are for big. chubby women with so much flabs to hide. ANYONE can wear it as long as she wants to, and as long as she is comfortable in it.

Carla's chosen shapewear, the LILIAN bodysuit

Shapewear is a great undie armor, to help improve posture, poise, and shape. As pictured above, there may be nothing different with the photo, but if you look closely, The BEFORE photo shows a big difference in Carla's hips as it is on the AFTER photo. As you can see, Carla's hips are even more shapely and more obvious than it was on the BEFORE photo.

Even slim women have body problem areas that need to be addressed. It's not only the chubby and big women who has the right to wear one. 


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MEDIUM CONTROL: Your Starter Shapewear

Like we mentioned on this post, there are several guidelines you might want to consider in case you want to begin wearing a shapewear reagularly. And one of which is the kind of shapewear you should begin with.

Your body needs a good starter shapewear to warm it up and get used to a tight compression. VEDETTE SHAPEWEAR offers 3 levels of compression shapewear to address different body needs: MEDIUM CONTROL, FIRM CONTROL, and EXTRA FIRM CONTROL. Medium Control is the lightest compression among all, and above the three, the pieces in this category are much comfier than the other pieces. The compression offered, is in the right amount to give the wearer a light grip while giving a noticeable change in body shape. It smooths out lumps and bumps in the midsection area and on the thighs and hips.

The MEDIUM CONTROL shapewear are best to be worn in a daily basis, say, under your work outfits in straight hours without the worry of any pain. It's so comfy that you can wear them most of the time. Once the body is used to getting some compression, you can move on with much more tighter pieces.

As pictured above:
1. ELISE bra-less bodysuit 
2. NATALIE bra-less bodysuit
3. MARI bra-less bodysuit in boyshort
4. VIVIEN knee-length panty shaper
5. SOPHIE mid-thigh bra-less bodysuit
6. SOPHIE capri bra-less bodysuit

Monday, May 6, 2013

Video Review: 3 shapewear pieces under your fitted dress

Youtube video blogger, Mansata Bah of GAMBIANBEAUTY101 

Like we always share here in our blog, we give tips on what best shapewear pieces to go with your tight fitting dresses. And what a better way to help you out further, is to show them live on a video how our recommended pieces can best shape you underneath your dress! 

Watch the video above, a review by a a Gambian blogger, Mansata, who also happens to be in a corset/shapewear user also. Hear her honest and detailed review on pieces in order of apperance: ALYSSA, DEMI *, and SARAH* bustier

*ERRATUM: the term DEMI on the last few frames of the video, should be SARAH. and the term EVE should be DEMI. 

Friday, May 3, 2013


Need we say more? Like what we always say, no body is perfect. Every woman's imperfections make her unique, and beautiful! 

Hope you'll carry this quote on your weekend getaway! Stay beautiful as you are! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Styling A Bustier: The Print On Print Way

When planning for an outfit to work on a daily basis eats your time, the secret to assembling a work outfit is to start with a versatile piece you can match with almost anything. 

We recommend the SARAH bustier, as a tool for you to begin recreating your work wardrobe. It not just works as an undergarment, but also, a great styling piece to flaunt as an outerwear. 

The easiest thing about styling a black bustier, is that, you can mix it with almost any color of your clothes. 

Begin by working out a single color palette. In Veronica's case, she is working out the colors of black, gray, and white. Next, look for patterns that compliments the lace of the bustier.
Lastly, finish the look by wearing accessories (shoes, and bag) in a solid color that matches the bustier to pop the whole look! Remember to tone down accessories as the prints are already too loud to begin with. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How A Shapewear Should Fit?

"With my second Vedette piece, ROSINA, which I must say was my favourite of the two. It's really gorgeous and for those of you that wouldn't want something too restrictive, like the last piece, this is the perfect choice for you, as it isn't made to be as fitting, but it's still supportive."

blogger, Kizzy of THE DAINTY DOLLS HOUSE in a Rosina bodysuit

It's not a lie for us that sometimes, we receive some feedback about our shapewear having a tight fitting than the usual. It couldn't be avoided. To help you out on what should a shapewear really fit, we would like to take it from an honest review done by Kizzy. In this post, she was able to wear the LEA bodysuit which she say is way tighter and she really could feel the compression on the body. Whereas, the one she is wearing here, the ROSINA bodysuit, is far more less tighter and comfier than the LEA.

So how should a shapewear really fit?

The fitting depends on the style and level of compression of a shapewear. That's why here in Vedette, we offer different kinds of levels of compressions, from MEDIUM being the less tight compression, to  FIRM which is a bit tight with a smooth less bulge body, to EXTRA FIRM with the tightest grip that gives evident slimming result.

The tighter the compression, the more it gets clingy ti the body, thus if you are not used to wearing a shapewear, you'll feel that any kind of shapewear compression would be too tight and uncomfy. A shapewear should fit like a glove to your body. it should hug you on all places and not meant to loose fit. It clings to the body more obviously than your regular undies. 

To be able to arrive at the best size of shapewear, always get your body measurements right. Check on the size guide if your measurements fall on the given sizes. Before paying, always put a size-up to your order. It's alright to get a one size up since shapewear fit a little too small than its usual size. 

If while putting the shapewear may take you a lil longer or weirder, never worry because all you need is lil stretchign here and there. 

A shapewear fits like second skin so it moves and glides with you no matter how you move.!