Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Does The Color Of Your Undie Say About You

Colors speak for itself and it exudes certain aura that explains why we women tend to pick certain colors of undies. Find-out what each color have to say!

1. BLACK - one of the 3 basic and most used colors of undies along with white, and nude. Black tends to exude that aura of elegance and sophistication. Plus the fact that most women believe that black can make the wearer look thinner.

Black also exudes authority.

2. WHITE- symbolize purity, sterility and innocence that mostly who wear this color are kids, teens, and conservative ladies. The only downfall to wearing this color, is you have to be careful to avoid giving it stains. This color is also popular during weddings, brides pick white-laced undies.

3. RED- shows-off aura of love, passion, and sensuality that most women wear this color for special intimate moments to keep the fire burning.

4. NUDE- symbolizes reliability and structure. It blends with the skin tone and meant not to be noticed. Perfect under office attires to stay presentable and well-covered.

5. BLUE symbolizes tranquility and peace. It evokes calmness. Usually this color is popular on swimsuits for it reminds the ocean and  the bodies of water.

6. PINK exudes the aura of romance, beauty and femininity. It symbolizes being a woman, gentle, soft and beautiful. Lingerie in this color is mostly used by girls for either casual outfits, or as their sleeping lingerie (pink nighties, pink cheeky shorts, pink bra, and the like.)

7. GREEN symbolizes fertility and fruitfulness. It exudes that aura of freshness. It is also a symbol of wealth, that most women wear undies in this hue for special occasions.

8. PURPLE exudes sophistication, femininity, royalty, and luxury. A feminine shade like pink but is more mature and perfect for women who wants to feel luxe, special, and sophisticated.

which among these colors you usually wear? 

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