Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Love At First Fit

Shapewear is the modern version of the corset  who by its time or back in the past, is a woman's basic undergarment to cinch the waist and get a desired slimmer shape. At present time, the role of corsets in waist trimming, has been transformed to a much more easier form for much easier wearing. 

Not all women can get used to wearing a shapewear. Not unless you've trained yourself on its rather skin-tight fit. Today mommy blogger, Kizzy will show us a good shapewear piece to start-on for moms or even women out there who wants to start wearing a shapewear on a regular basis.

Kizzy as shown in the picture is wearing a LEA bodysuit. As you may notice, the bulges on the before photo is gone in the after photo with the shapewear on. The bodysuit holds her tummy and waist in place, and gave her a good posture.

For Kizzy who's been a corset-user for sometime now, said,

" I also think for the ladies who want to start wearing proper corsets, this is a great training piece to wear, because if you can't get used to this, you should avoid a corset ;)"

The body needs an introduction to wearing a shapewear. Since a shapewear tends to hold your body firmly with a grip, it may be too uncomfortable at first to wear one. So the best way if you want to wear shapewear regularly, is to start training your body to get used to the compression. Start by wearing a lighter grip bodysuit which is much better, then after a week once you felt comfy in it, you may move to a bit tighter shapewear until you get used to the tightest compression. Shocking your body to wearing a shapewear will most likely lead you to discomfort and painful areas.

Are you planning to wear shapewear regularly? Then you should take Amanda's advice, to start first with the LEA bodysuit

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