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What experience taught  you about the way women want to look/feel in their shapewear/ lingerie?

Women come in different sizes and shapes. They have their own needs and wants. Their own perceptions and opinions about body image and that made me experience how to make Vedette shapewear even more better to cater to the differences of women. We want women to feel that Vedette pieces are there to serve as their confidant on any outfits they plan to wear, as well as, a brand that takes pride on women regardless of body shape and size.


Which shapewear is the best to wear with strapless shirt without rolling down and staying in place?

The safest to go  with is to wear a waist cincher girdle type. It's strapless plus it has boning on the sides so it stays in place no matter how you move. 


Trying to find a shapewear for summer, which do you recommend?

 I always get a question about the best summer shapewear and I always tell that the best piece s belong on our MEDIUM CONTROL shapewear. The pieces under this category offers a light compression thus, offering a more ventilated and comfy feel to the body.


Is it recommended to wear a very tight shapewear?

It depends on the wearer if she thinks she can handle a tight compression. Very tight compression may mean more pressure and tightness than the usual. Here at Vedette shapewear, we studied the best level of compression for the different needs of women. That's why we have 3 major compression categories, with EXTRA FIRM being the tightest.

I suggest,before wearing a very tight shapewear, train yourself first with the lightest compression, then move-on to a bit tighter, until you reach the tightest compression goal you need so your body won't be shocked.


I need a shapewear for this summer, with a support on the waist area and won't roll down. Which one do you recommend?

I recommend you to try the MARI bodysuit. It has a light compression that is suited for the summer heat, plus it controls the waist too! It has straps on both sides so you won't worry for the sudden roll ups and downs.


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