Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Spring Outfit

Now that's Spring is finally here and the weather is starting to get warmer, it's time to pull-off florals, lace, and colors to your wardrobe! No to too much layerings as you did last winter, and say hello to  lighter layers and textures to brighten up your look!

Today, fashion blogger, Olga Choi of MY BLONDE GAL will show you her ideal Spring casual outfit!

Olga, worked out on a certain color schemes: red, blue, orange, white, and a dash of black. With her Marian bodysuit being her top, she didn't need anymore to cover it up under another layer of top. It can go alone despite of it being a shapewear. It's lace and floral swirls contributed to the Spring fling aura of her outfit! 

A light floral blazer is what she need to cover-up and to add more interest to her look. Black may seem to be too dark to her pastel-colored pieces, but hey, her black Marian bodysuit just made everything balanced, and popping! 

This Spring, it's time to get a dressier bodysuit that you could wear already as a top paired with your Spring ensembles to avoid, too much layering! 

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