Monday, March 11, 2013

Real Women Have Curves

One of the greatest icons we look up to, is the proud curvy girl, Marilyn Monroe. She became an icon during the early 50s without having to worry her figure. 

If in the past being curvy is sexy, at present time, curvy girls are considered big, fat, and to most, unpretty. 

The issue about women's figures and sizes started to become a point of reference for a woman's beauty, when media and the fashion industry began to show more skinny models on and off the runway. This has open the doors to the idea that...


Women tend to self-pity and do things beyond possible just to get to what most believe is "the ideal size, ideal waist". More women tend to feel uneasy and shy for being who they are. Hiding themselves for fear of being teased or being judged just by her body shape. 

Curvy, or skinny, short, or tall, pear-shaped, or apple-shaped, REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES. We just have to define it, love it, flaunt it, to become our own assets, just like Marilyn Monroe. 

Women need not to prove herself to others, but to herself alone. She don't need to try hard , do strict diets, or limits herself just to stay in shape. Beauty is not something we need to get, it's something with us that we need nurture and enhance.

There is no such thing as what body shape is sexy. It all boils down as to how a woman carries herself, head held high and with a smile on her face. 

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