Monday, March 4, 2013

MARCH 2013: Manon Hevert of CUTE RED BOW

February ends so fast that we barely noticed it at all! New beginnings, signals a new featured blogger for this month! Meet, Manon Hevert of CUTE RED BOW

Find-out how she worked out a sexy nude FRANCESCA bodysuit to her sophisticated, dainty look!

One trick to look even more sophisticated in a casual outfit, is to dress in monochromatic hues just like Manon did! For a day outfit Manon, wore her FRANCESCA bodysuit as an inner top under her sheer off-white blouse. Then finished her look with silver skirt and brown heels!

If you plan to wear a bodysuit for a day look, be sure to always wear it with a soft flowy polo top to balance the look! 

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