Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ASK OUR STYLIST: What to wear under an office dress?

We've been getting questions as to what  shapewear should go best under a daily office dress. Today, fashion blogger, Jacquelyn Son of STYLE WORTHWHILE  will show you her shapewear pick beneath her own office dress!

Looking good isn't enough when you're in the workplace, looking presentable is what it should be. How you look will have an effect to your workplace on how they see you as a professional . We know we should not judge books by their covers but, looking presentable is a must in the workplace. 

A good office dress should fit your body just right. And it's a no-no to have visible panty lines,   so to resolve this problem, Jacquelyn used her MELANIE skirt shaper. It's a bra-less skirt bodysuit that smooths-out lumps and bumps and prevent you from having VPLs! 

Remember, you have to be at your  presentable look when you're at work, to gain the respect and confidence you need to reach your goals! 

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