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Which garment is best to wear under a pair of jeans without showing the leg lines?

You may want to try our ADRIENNE panty shaper, it has a smooth texture front, sides, and back. It helps flatten your tummy and shapes your behind too!


What would you recommend as the best transitional piece from Winter to Spring then maybe even to Summer?

Vedette shapewears come in different compression and textures that will allow you to choose depending on your needs. For winter, some prefer to wear thicker and more coverage shapewear pieces.

And now that Spring time is coming, and the weather is getting a bit warmer, you could probably get a lighter and thinner compression of shapewear just like the MARI. It has a medium control so it won't be too tight on the body allowing more room for your skin to breath. 

If you're on hunt for a fun and flirty spring shapewear, then this VERONIQUE bodysuit is for you! It comes in a spring lilac hue touched with tiny polkadots. It's a bodysuit with bra cups. It's pretty so when you feel like going for a bit flirty look, this would perfectly pass as an outerwear.

Now for summer season, the weather is humid. So I think separates would be best during this time. Try TATIANA, a matching long line bra and panty shaper. So when days you only need a support on your bottom area, you can wear the panty shaper, or when you needed that boost in your chest area, you can wear the bra. Plus you can move much easier than wearing a bodysuit.


Which piece do you recommend for casual,long, strapless spring dresses? I want to be comfortable but I want to look cute as well.

When wearing a dress, always make sure to wear an undergarment that will give you the right coverage. A good short panty is the best underneath so in case the skirt of your dress flies, you look decent and covered underneath.

Try wearing our strapless VEVA short panty bodysuit. Or if you wait onesies, you could wear a panty shaper that does not only covers your legs, but also give you a proper shaping compression to give good shape on your hips, behind and thighs :)

also try LILIAN and  MARGAUX


Which shapewear gives a perfect fit and fresh feel for the upcoming months of summer clothing?

Try picking our MEDIUM CONTROL shapewear. They have a lesser compression as compared to the other compression categories. The lesser the tightness, the comfier and fresher feeling your body will experience!

What is the shapewear looks best on me?

Honestly, you have the power to know what it is. You  just have to understand your body and its needs. And ask yourself what you aim for why you want to wear a shapewear.


Amanda Davis

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