Thursday, March 14, 2013


Rebecca chose the ABELLA skirt shapeer and the TATIENNE corset bodysuit

It's Rebecca Harasym's 5TH MONTH of Vedette Style Challenge!!! Find-out how those 2 gorgeous pieces were styled by Rebecca through her fabulous outfits!!!

Spring is coming anytime soon, and we're pretty sure, you'll be bff's again with your chiffon, semi-sheer flowy dresses. And one of the tricks in wearing one, is how you carry it wieh without noticing what you are wearing underneath. Rebecca tried on the ABELLA skirt shaper as her undergarment. it shapes he body well while giving her coverage enough to look good under her semi-sheer chiffon dress. In case, you plan to wear a dress like this, always choose a nude shade so t will just blend in with your skin tone.

If there's one thing to most ladies love about wearing a corset is the fact that they're too pretty enough be also worn as an outerwear. In Rebecca's outfit, she wore it around her waist outside her polka-dot blouse to give the look more details and interest. The corset served as a wide belt to give her shape.

Which of these tow looks you think captures you the most? :)

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