Friday, March 29, 2013


If there are a lot of women who have all the reasons in this world to be sad about her curvy shape, well all we could say is that, there are tons and tons of reasons why should a woman be proud of being curvy than anything else!


Thursday, March 28, 2013


Marian bodysuit may be a popular Vedette piece for fashion bloggers, but who wouldn't get attracted to it when you can wear it for a number of different ways! Take for instance, Jacquelyn Son. She's known for her minimalist looks, but she can very well pull-off two different looks with just her Marian bodysuit as the center of attention with no need of putting accessories.

Find-out her two looks right after the jump!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Fling

It's Spring season! And it's time to take out those frilly flirty Spring outfits! Unlike winter, the weather now is a bit warmer so it only means too much layering is bad! Who says shapewear are uncomfortable during warm days? Not anymore! Vedette Shapewear launched the MEDIUM control shapewear pieces that are made with the lightest material in a light but effective compression, to make sure the wearer feels comfort while in it.

We've list down our TOP 8 SHAPEWEAR FOR SPRING SEASON that will pretty match your Spring outfits!

1. MARI bodysuit - a smooth bra-less shapewear in a boyshort panty style is all you need for a spring dress that needs a no-VPL behind. 

2. LEA bodysuit- a cami with bra bodysuit in bikini style is perfect when you need an elegant inner top beneath your sheer floral top.

3. ADRIENNE boyshort panty shaper - is best under your frilly Spring skirt so when the wind comes naughty and blew your skirt off, you got your aces all covered and secured with such a nice elegant piece!

4. VIVIEN knee-length panty shaper- when moments a loose palazzo pants, or a fitted white pants is your Spring company, then this one's best to shape your thighs and hips for a curvier shape and no-VPLbehind!

5. VERONIQUE polka-dot lilac bodysuit- a lilac shade bodysuit that's so pretty you can even wear it as a top paired with your Spring skirt or even an inner top beneath your soft and light cardigan.

6. MARIAN one-shoulder bodysuit- when days you need a little romantic feel on your Spring night time look, this piece is just great to be worn as a top paired with an elegant flowy skirt. You don't need to put a cover-up over it, it can go just as it is!

7. SARAH bustier- just like Marian, this bustier can go long way for it's not just your typical bustier, it's a pretty elegant one that can go as an innerwear, to an outstanding elegant outerwear piece!

8. JOSEPHINE animal print bodysuit- Spring trend includes wild prints so why not be the lioness in a crowd of dainty florals? It's fierce yet elegant for a daytime outfit! It's best underneath your nude or moss green light blazer peeking in between the unbottoned cover-up! 

Which among these pieces you feel is for you this Spring season? :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

GIVEAWAY ALERT: The Perfect Match Giveaway PART 2

Hi ladies! It's time again for another giveaway! This time we're on our 2nd month of THE PERFECT MATCH GIVEAWAY! make sure to read carefully the mechanics on the above poster! Keep an eye on our facebook fan page and look for this poster that signals the beginning of the giveaway! OPEN TO OUR INTERNATIONAL READERS ALSO! :)

Monday, March 25, 2013


Hi ladies! It's the first day of the week and we would like to give you our current deal at the Vedette store! If you're on hunt for the perfect shaper separates, like the shaping bra and panty, then you would like to grab on our deal for the moment! For as low as $39.20 you can get a shaping bra or shaping panty to help you enhance more your hidden curves! 

visit the Vedette store now to view the entire deal!

Friday, March 22, 2013


fashion blogger Jacquelyn of STYLE WORTHWHILE in her Marian bodysuit

Happiness comes from within. And it will only happen in a person's life once he knows how to love himself; for who he  is and for who he is not. If only people know how to love themselves, what a happy world we could have right now.

HAVE A HAPPY WEEKEND TO YOU ALL! See you next week for a new giveaway!:)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Date Night Outfit Idea

Most girls rely on LBD or the little black dress as their go-to date night outfits. Well precisely because, an LBD is classic, elegant, and easy to wear. But fashion blogger, Jessica of STYLE4LOVE will give you all a different style for a date night look! :)

Would you believe that a shapewear can make a good classic date night outfit? :) Watch the video and find-out what shapewear she used to create that sexy yet elegant outfit! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Which garment is best to wear under a pair of jeans without showing the leg lines?

You may want to try our ADRIENNE panty shaper, it has a smooth texture front, sides, and back. It helps flatten your tummy and shapes your behind too!


What would you recommend as the best transitional piece from Winter to Spring then maybe even to Summer?

Vedette shapewears come in different compression and textures that will allow you to choose depending on your needs. For winter, some prefer to wear thicker and more coverage shapewear pieces.

And now that Spring time is coming, and the weather is getting a bit warmer, you could probably get a lighter and thinner compression of shapewear just like the MARI. It has a medium control so it won't be too tight on the body allowing more room for your skin to breath. 

If you're on hunt for a fun and flirty spring shapewear, then this VERONIQUE bodysuit is for you! It comes in a spring lilac hue touched with tiny polkadots. It's a bodysuit with bra cups. It's pretty so when you feel like going for a bit flirty look, this would perfectly pass as an outerwear.

Now for summer season, the weather is humid. So I think separates would be best during this time. Try TATIANA, a matching long line bra and panty shaper. So when days you only need a support on your bottom area, you can wear the panty shaper, or when you needed that boost in your chest area, you can wear the bra. Plus you can move much easier than wearing a bodysuit.


Which piece do you recommend for casual,long, strapless spring dresses? I want to be comfortable but I want to look cute as well.

When wearing a dress, always make sure to wear an undergarment that will give you the right coverage. A good short panty is the best underneath so in case the skirt of your dress flies, you look decent and covered underneath.

Try wearing our strapless VEVA short panty bodysuit. Or if you wait onesies, you could wear a panty shaper that does not only covers your legs, but also give you a proper shaping compression to give good shape on your hips, behind and thighs :)

also try LILIAN and  MARGAUX


Which shapewear gives a perfect fit and fresh feel for the upcoming months of summer clothing?

Try picking our MEDIUM CONTROL shapewear. They have a lesser compression as compared to the other compression categories. The lesser the tightness, the comfier and fresher feeling your body will experience!

What is the shapewear looks best on me?

Honestly, you have the power to know what it is. You  just have to understand your body and its needs. And ask yourself what you aim for why you want to wear a shapewear.


Amanda Davis

see you again for more giveaways and than you so much for joining!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to deal with a protruding belly?

fashion blogger Cindy of MY STYLESPOT wearing Abella bodysuit underneath

Say it or not, one of women's body problem areas is the protruding belly. There are some outfits wherein having a protruding belly isn't pleasant at all to look at. Say for instance, when wearing a sexy tight dress. Cindy, put a solution to it by wearing a skirt shaper, ABELLA to flatten out her belly and trim a bit her thighs for a svelte figure. 

Remember, shapewear helps a women to redefine her body shape, discover its natural beauty rather than masking it! If you want to read the entire shapewear review of Cindy visit her blog post

Monday, March 18, 2013

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Ask Mr. Vargas March Edition

It's Monday, and we want to give you a nice start for the week ahead by holding another exciting giveaway!!! Not only you get a chance to ask Mr. Vargas, you also get a chance to win a surprise Vedette piece! So here's how you could do it:

1. Giveaway is open to US residents only.
2. Be sure to like our fan page to be able to join:
3. Look for Mr. Vargas' timeline post with is quote.
4. Leave one question under Mr.Vargas quote. First 5 to post questions will only be accepted.
5. These 5 fans will get a chance to win (1) one surprise shapewear! Only one fan will be randomly picked to win! 

Do you already have a question in mind? :) GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!:) Mr. Vargas will be posting his quote anytime today!:)

Friday, March 15, 2013


fashion blogger Laura Gore of TRASH PLANET in a Lea bodysuit

This week's look, Laura took inspiration from the bubbly, and pretty pin-up girls! This time, Laura worked the Lea bodysuit as her top incorporated with those cute flower pins, a silk robe, an her big girly hair matched with her red lips! :)  

Do you love this look too?:)

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Rebecca chose the ABELLA skirt shapeer and the TATIENNE corset bodysuit

It's Rebecca Harasym's 5TH MONTH of Vedette Style Challenge!!! Find-out how those 2 gorgeous pieces were styled by Rebecca through her fabulous outfits!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NEW-IN: Tatiana

Searching for a vintage-inspired bra? Look no more since we've got one pair you're looking for! TATIANA is a pair of longline bra and a high-waist boyshort panty. The long line bra has a back support for good posture, lifts up your breasts just right to look good, with of course equipped with a front hook-and-eye closure for easy wearing. If you think this one looks boring, well nuh-uh! The longline bra is carefully sewn with luxury lace to add romance on the total look! 

The high-waist hip-hugger panty serves you best for times you need your belly tucked-in and your butt in good shape and in a VPL-proof look! 

And since because they come in pair, you will no longer think about what to wear daily on under your work clothes. They very much look on almost any kinds of outfit!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Real Women Have Curves

One of the greatest icons we look up to, is the proud curvy girl, Marilyn Monroe. She became an icon during the early 50s without having to worry her figure. 

If in the past being curvy is sexy, at present time, curvy girls are considered big, fat, and to most, unpretty. 

The issue about women's figures and sizes started to become a point of reference for a woman's beauty, when media and the fashion industry began to show more skinny models on and off the runway. This has open the doors to the idea that...


Women tend to self-pity and do things beyond possible just to get to what most believe is "the ideal size, ideal waist". More women tend to feel uneasy and shy for being who they are. Hiding themselves for fear of being teased or being judged just by her body shape. 

Curvy, or skinny, short, or tall, pear-shaped, or apple-shaped, REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES. We just have to define it, love it, flaunt it, to become our own assets, just like Marilyn Monroe. 

Women need not to prove herself to others, but to herself alone. She don't need to try hard , do strict diets, or limits herself just to stay in shape. Beauty is not something we need to get, it's something with us that we need nurture and enhance.

There is no such thing as what body shape is sexy. It all boils down as to how a woman carries herself, head held high and with a smile on her face. 

Real Women Have Nothing To Hide

It's March and it's dedicated to celebrate the beauty of women across the globe!Vedette Shapewear empowers women to step-out of their comfort zones and discover the beauty within themselves. To show their true beauty and be not afraid to be themselves. To be proud of their imperfections and love themselves for who they are, because real women have nothing to hide! 


Friday, March 8, 2013


Needless to say, in a world where we live in today, we cannot avoid but sometimes compare ourselves to others especially if we are not like what most people see is beautiful. BUT we can always to something about it, it is either we let them belittle us, or we let ourselves be loved and show to them we are beautiful in our own ways! 


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vedette Shapewear Collection: Lace Luxe

Did you know that Vedette Shapewear has 3 special luxury collections of shapewear? One of which that was recently launched, is the LACE LUXE Collection. A roster of elegant black shapewear pieces made more beautiful and romantic with the touch of sexy lace. 

You can choose from a wide variety of shapewear pieces, from derriere enhancers, to panty shapers, and bodysuits! Visit our LACE LUXE COLLECTION to see wonderful pieces!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to wear a waist cincher as an outerwear

Take it from fashion blogger, Hannah Rupp of AN OLD STORY BLOG.Some of us believe that a normal corset or waist cincher is just a piece underneath any outfit, but this time, Hannah will prove to you all, how she has nothing to hide with such an elegant Vedette corset! 

Watch the video and find-out how she used her Vedette waist cincher, other than as an undergarment! 


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ASK OUR STYLIST: What to wear under an office dress?

We've been getting questions as to what  shapewear should go best under a daily office dress. Today, fashion blogger, Jacquelyn Son of STYLE WORTHWHILE  will show you her shapewear pick beneath her own office dress!

Looking good isn't enough when you're in the workplace, looking presentable is what it should be. How you look will have an effect to your workplace on how they see you as a professional . We know we should not judge books by their covers but, looking presentable is a must in the workplace. 

A good office dress should fit your body just right. And it's a no-no to have visible panty lines,   so to resolve this problem, Jacquelyn used her MELANIE skirt shaper. It's a bra-less skirt bodysuit that smooths-out lumps and bumps and prevent you from having VPLs! 

Remember, you have to be at your  presentable look when you're at work, to gain the respect and confidence you need to reach your goals! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

MARCH 2013: Manon Hevert of CUTE RED BOW

February ends so fast that we barely noticed it at all! New beginnings, signals a new featured blogger for this month! Meet, Manon Hevert of CUTE RED BOW

Find-out how she worked out a sexy nude FRANCESCA bodysuit to her sophisticated, dainty look!

Friday, March 1, 2013


fashion blogger Alexe of DOLL POUPEE in her VIVEKA bustier

How it is to feel like caged inside like a bird? We'll never know. But at the very least we understand how it feels to feel free about something and how it is when someone or something tries to pull you back. With the plenty of reasons to hate yourself, your body and your own unique beauty, we should learn how to free ourselves from all those insecurities, and be just our own self. Nothing beats a life lived without insecurities!