Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Beauty Undefined

No matter how you define it, what you believe in it defines your own beauty.

all women in this planet are BEAUTIFUL. No more appeal about that. We have our own differences that make us who we are, that makes us beautiful. 
pictured above are bloggers (L-R) Rebecca, Cilla, Nadia, Laura wearing their own Vedette pieces, supporting our I'VE GOT NOTHING TO HIDE CAMPAIGN

How would you define BEAUTY?BEAUTIFUL? Some says it is associated with words like sexy, flawless skin, slim waist, curvy hips, long silk hair, killer smile, and the list goes on. We have our own share of quotable quotes about it, like "beauty is skin deep", "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", and many more. We even came to a point to battle and take sides which is true about beauty-  BLACK OR WHITE, THIN OR BIG... but none of these completely defines BEAUTY. It's undefinable. We can give our own views and opinions but it all boils down to a point that, WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. 

In a recent TED Talk done by the supermodel Cameron Russel, who already been a regular face of Vogue magazine, she admits that even supermodels does have insecurities just like normal women have. This may sound a joke, but after reading her interview article, it all explains why she feels that way. 

"I am insecure. Because I have to think about what I look like every day. If you ever are wondering, 'If I have thinner thighs and shinier hair will I be happier?' you just need to meet a group of models because they have the thinnest thighs and the shiniest hair and the coolest clothes and they're the most physically insecure women on the planet."

It is a norm already, or should I say part of our culture to associate BEAUTY with words like: sexy, thin, slim, white, tall, killer smile- with simply saying that BEAUTY IS BEING SKINNY. Circling the idea that being beautiful is being thin, if you're not then you're ugly. We look up to models and even have our own "thinspirations" leaving ourselves humiliated by our own disgrace with our bodies. Such an irony, but true. 

"When a woman is valued primarily for her physical appearance, it can be easy for her to believe that her beauty is her only form of currency. If looks are the focus of a woman's day, they will inevitably occupy most of her thoughts and drive her fears. "

The media dictates what we believe and sad that we just follow what we usually see. Thin models are everywhere and that's why we're on it. Our eyeballs are up on them that we wanted to be like them no matter what, even if it takes pain and a lot of risks. 

At the present time, we are wishing for more women who would wake up one day seeing herself beautiful regardless of the trends, and what she sees. Hoping that there would be more women who would love themselves before any models. Beauty is not about the battle of the THINS and the CURVIES, nor the BLACKS and the WHITES. We wanted to include ourselves on the definition of beauty, we are chasing after the idea of it that we forget, that BEAUTY is after all, undefinable- why worry thinking what it really conveys, when it simply points on... YOU.

All women are BEAUTIFUL.

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