Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ASK OUR STYLIST: What to wear under a thigh-high slit dress?

We're still not over with the OSCARS 2013 arrivals well simply because we got stunned by the ever gorgeous Naomie Harris in her Vivienne Westwood recycled dress! It may be intriguing to see a dress made out of recycled zippers, and chocolate candy wrappers, but nothing is more intriguing than a thigh-high slit she got there!

Sure this style of dress may be sexy and attention-getting, but what should you wear underneath it? Well we've got a recommendation for you!

One wrong glide and boom! Your night will be a total fail with such an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, so to avoid this, get an underwear that could give you  coverage and support under without of course peeking outside the slit!

We recommend the LLANA bodysuit! It's smooth and has a lace boyshort panty attached in it that sits right through the hips making it clearly kept beneath the slit! Be sure to get one in nude or in a shade near your skin tone, so in  case some naughty wind blow your skirt off, your elegantly ready down there.

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