Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ASK OUR STYLIST: Under A Tight-Hip Dress

The 2013 GRAMMYS has just ended but our fascination over Alicia Key's smoking gorgeous tight-hip LBD isn't still over! We're totally head over heels how structured the dress is but with a perfect balance of skin and coverage! Not to mention, the dress really hugged her shape! 

Wonder what best to wear under this type of dress? Well we've got two amazing shapewear pieces to help you out:

Alicia Keys' dress may seem to be very simple to wear, but it entails a lot of support underneath. Well on her chest, the dress may be equipped with bra pads for coverage, but down below there, it's more prone to having the popular, VPL! 

The tight portion begins on the waist down to the hips and starts to loosen as it reaches a few inches above the knees. So more or less, you have to keep everything in shape and tact beginning from y our waist down to your thighs. So be sure to pick underwear or shapewear that cuts right above the knees or way past the knees, plus be sure the texture is smooth!


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