Thursday, February 21, 2013

ASK MR. VARGAS 2013: Part 2

What Vedette piece should I wear under a strapless wedding gown?

If it's a wedding gown that needed you to look even more perfect, you should wear something you can keep and give you proper support under. I can recommend to you the following strapless shapewear pieces we have:

Cloe is a perfect wedding bustier as it is made to fit under a wedding dress. It is bustier with light boning for posture, and has a lace texture for the sexy feel. 

Judith is a smooth bodysuit in boyshort style. Its straps can be removed so it will fit under your wedding dress.

Abella is a skirt bodysuit with detachable straps so it fits right under a strapless gown. It comes smooth in texture and with a lace hem to have a smooth silhouette front and behind. 

Be sure to always pick an undergarment in nude or white most especially if it's a wedding gown.


Are there any pieces I should avoid purchasing,because I have lots of back problems? Or are they all safe?

What back problems you have? Usually most women tend to feel lower back pains due to fatigue because of chores or work, and sometimes because of wrong posture. Vedette pieces have corsets and bodysuits with light boning on the sides that help in correcting posture to avoid having back pains. 

If you think too tight garments will cause you much more pain at the back, perhaps you would just want to wear shapewear pieces in MEDIUM COMPRESSION. It's a little compression or tightness in the body as compared to the stronger controls.

please visit our web store for more details :


What Vedette piece is good for everyday wearing?

Shapewear fro everyday wear depends on what you need for a day. It depends on the outfit you plan to wear, and also with how tight you want your undergarment should be.

A lot of women prefer wearing shapewear pieces that are most comfortable to wear, as if you are just like wearing your regular bra and panty. If you want something more targeted and suited for everyday and/or helpful to almost of the outfits you plan to wear I suggest you wear a compression bra, or a panty shapewear.

This style is best under tight dresses or skirt or slacks that needs you to have a smooth behind and VPL-free!

This bra is best for daily use at it helps your breast to be in good shape while providing you much coverage underneath. This is good if you plan to wear sheer tops. or deep necklines.


What Vedette piece is good to wear with slacls? Everyday casual slacks.

Slacks is way thinner than a pair of jeans, so it is best you are armed with a seamless underwear to prevent you from having VPLs or unwanted tummy bulges.

You could check our array of PANTY SHAPERS in different lengths that will best suit under your slacks.


How did you come up with the name Vedette? And what rules have you broken?

Vedette is a French word for STAR or CELEBRITY but in Latin America, it is a term used to describe a female entertainer who's mostly dressed in beautiful, colorful, sexy, and sparkling underwear.  And since their costumes makea resemblance to a lingerie or corset, and they are a symbol of sexy, Vedette came to represent our brand.

As for the rules I have broken, so far it's breaking the rule thinking. Ideas come to mind when you let yourself fail once in a while. 

And the winner for this ASK MR. VARGAS GIVEAWAY is...


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