Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ask Mr. Vargas 2013: Part 1

Get answers on your questions straight from Mr. Vargas himself!
 When it comes to hiding your tummy, you could always choose between the comfort of a bodysuit, or the tight compression of a waist cincher. Your choice depends on where you would want to use it.

When you plan to wear a shapewear for daily use or beneath your clothing, go for a smooth bodysuit like Elise or Lea. These two helps in tucking the abdomen while giving a more enhanced contour starting from your midriff down the waist. And since they are smooth they can very well be worn beneath tight clothing pieces, without the worry of visible lines.  

Now, if you want a more precised shaping, waist cincher like Valerie is good for you. It does not only offer contouring but also support (through metal rods inside) for good posture. This is way bit tighter than a bodysuit, so if there's any special occasion coming this is the best undergarment you should wear.

The best way to target all these problem areas is to wear a full body shaper. Our full body shapers offer coverage starting on the midriff down to the abdomen and waist until hips and legs. The length of the body shaper varies from mid-thigh lengths up to knee-length and below-the-knee length.

If you aim to enhance more your breasts, you could wear our compression/push-up brassieres that are intended to do the job.

Bodycon dresses known as, body fit dresses should be worn with a seamless or smooth undergarment to avoid visible undergarment lines. Shapewear are also the best in giving your body a quick hour glass shape, and tucks-in unnecessary bulges for a better silhouette. Try wearing...

Abella is a skirt shaper with attached bra cups and has a smooth texture. Its hem has an attached soft lace and ends right above the thighs to give your behind a smooth VPL-free silhouette.

Judith is a boyshort bodysuit with attached bra cups and smooth texture. If you feel uneasy with a skirt shaper, the best alternative to it is to wear a boyshort bodysuit. It gives the same coverage and silhouette as that of the Abella skirt shaper, only that this one has an attacehd boyshort panty.

 I am not a fashion blogger but for the context of being "known" with what you are doing, you must be willing to undergo the process of getting there. There is no such thing as a shortcut when you want to achieve something in life. Be willing, driven, inspired, dedicated, and perseverance on the road to success. Mix all those good attitudes with hardwork, your intelligence and skills, sure that'll be a great help to achieving what you want. Lastly, accept defeat and mistakes and learn from them.

The best way to deal with your buttocks is to wear a support undergarment like our butt-enhancer shapers. They come in bodysuit style and even in panty style too.

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