Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hey ladies! It's time for the next update on our new segment, 12 MONTHS OF VEDETTE by fashion blogger Rebecca Harasym of WINNIPEGSTYLE!  And since we moved to a new home for our blog, we would like to refresh you about this segment! (We would also give you a flash back on Rebecca's past segments on our up coming posts!)

12 MONTHS OF VEDETTE is a new segment on Vedette blog, that shows how a Vedette piece is a versatile undergarment. Vedette Shapewear sells not just an ordinary shapewear, but beautiful and elegant shapewear that you can have them mistaken for a lingerie.
Rebecca, our featured fashion blogger, will show you in 12 months review how each piece is a true testament of beauty and elegance, and how it really does the work to give your body a quick fix! She will be using 2 shapewear pieces, one for outerwear use and one for innerwear use/ shaping purposes. 

Below shows her 4th month review...

Rebecca picked LEONORA and JOSEPHINE for her outfits! Find-out how she used the two pieces!

For Rebecca's first look, she wore her LEONORA shapewear under her pencil skirt! We all know how tricky it is to wear one since, it is tight, it has a tendency to reveal VPL!
To prevent this from happening, Rebecca slips on her LEONORA and all is set and smooth!

This look screams sexy and elegance. We adore how the JOSEPHINE bodysuit peeks from her all black and brown ensemble. We're sure you love it too! This outfit is great for a fashion gala. Who knew a shapewear as pretty like that can make such a great outfit?! 

Stay-tuned on her 5th month review sure you'll see new set of amazing shapewear pieces and stunning outfits!

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