Thursday, February 28, 2013


fashion blogger Nicoleta of REINVENT YOURSELF in a JULIANE underbust corset

Today, we're gonna show how a certain underbust corset, who used to be just an intimate beneath a dress, can be a stunning accessory to a great day-to-night outfits!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ASK OUR STYLIST: What to wear under a thigh-high slit dress?

We're still not over with the OSCARS 2013 arrivals well simply because we got stunned by the ever gorgeous Naomie Harris in her Vivienne Westwood recycled dress! It may be intriguing to see a dress made out of recycled zippers, and chocolate candy wrappers, but nothing is more intriguing than a thigh-high slit she got there!

Sure this style of dress may be sexy and attention-getting, but what should you wear underneath it? Well we've got a recommendation for you!

One wrong glide and boom! Your night will be a total fail with such an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, so to avoid this, get an underwear that could give you  coverage and support under without of course peeking outside the slit!

We recommend the LLANA bodysuit! It's smooth and has a lace boyshort panty attached in it that sits right through the hips making it clearly kept beneath the slit! Be sure to get one in nude or in a shade near your skin tone, so in  case some naughty wind blow your skirt off, your elegantly ready down there.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why is it important to wear the BEST UNDERGARMENT?

Just recently, when the OSCARS 2013 swooned us all with glitz and glamour in the Hollywood scene, but we won't forget the gorgeous ladies we spotted! It's a very important occasion that deserves a very elegant look!

Below are our top pick looks of the night...





Why do we love them? It's their flawless and effortless looks that made us captivated! To obtain a good look, you must have the best undergarment beneath your outfit! The best undergarment should give the right coverage and support your body needs to look good in your outfit!  And of course, comfortable enough to give you that boost of confidence!It is not only important that we dress with the best designer outfits, but also with the best undergarments to complete the look! 

Remember, a perfect outfit with the wrong undergarment, will never look good! Always find you outfit's "perfect match" undergarment to look a total stand-out!

Speaking of PERFECT MATCH, we are having an on-going giveaway right now on our fan page! If you want to win a shapewear from Vedette, JOIN THE GIVEAWAY NOW! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

GIVEAWAY ALERT: The Perfect Match

Hey ladies, here's another giveaway that will pretty sure, wake you up every mid of the month! Aside from the ASK MR. VARGAS as Vedette's monthly giveaway, we've come-up with something new... THE PERFECT MATCH GIVEAWAY! 

You just have to let your inner fashionista in you to come out and play dress-up! This time, you just have to pick the BEST shapewear possible, to be worn on our featured clothing item! We will have some choices and all you got to do is say which among them you think is the best! 

Here's the full mechanics:

1. Open to US and international readers.
2. Be sure to like our fan page to be able to join:
And be sure also, to share on your facebook timeline the giveaway, to make your entries valid.
3.. You just need to pick the perfect match shapewear for the featured clothing item we will be posting on our timeline. 
4. Comment which among the 3 shapewear pieces you think is the perfect match for the featured clothing piece.
5. The most picked shapewear among the 3 choices, will become the GRAND PRIZE and will be declared the "Perfect Matching Shapewear" .
6.Three (3) winners will be randomly picked with which, each will get one (1) mystery shapewear.
7. One (1) grand prize winner will be picked among the fans who have chosen the most picked shapewear among the 3 choices/ "Perfect Matching Shapewear" 
8. All entries should be in, on or before the deadline.


Friday, February 22, 2013


Sometimes because of too much admiration with getting the desired or ideal body shape, we forget that we are more than our flesh and blood, our body shape, and size. Who are is not based on whether if we are curvy, pear shaped, apple shaped or not; it is how we carry ourselves proudly, when everybody else try to pull you down.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

ASK MR. VARGAS 2013: Part 2

What Vedette piece should I wear under a strapless wedding gown?

If it's a wedding gown that needed you to look even more perfect, you should wear something you can keep and give you proper support under. I can recommend to you the following strapless shapewear pieces we have:

Cloe is a perfect wedding bustier as it is made to fit under a wedding dress. It is bustier with light boning for posture, and has a lace texture for the sexy feel. 

Judith is a smooth bodysuit in boyshort style. Its straps can be removed so it will fit under your wedding dress.

Abella is a skirt bodysuit with detachable straps so it fits right under a strapless gown. It comes smooth in texture and with a lace hem to have a smooth silhouette front and behind. 

Be sure to always pick an undergarment in nude or white most especially if it's a wedding gown.


Are there any pieces I should avoid purchasing,because I have lots of back problems? Or are they all safe?

What back problems you have? Usually most women tend to feel lower back pains due to fatigue because of chores or work, and sometimes because of wrong posture. Vedette pieces have corsets and bodysuits with light boning on the sides that help in correcting posture to avoid having back pains. 

If you think too tight garments will cause you much more pain at the back, perhaps you would just want to wear shapewear pieces in MEDIUM COMPRESSION. It's a little compression or tightness in the body as compared to the stronger controls.

please visit our web store for more details :


What Vedette piece is good for everyday wearing?

Shapewear fro everyday wear depends on what you need for a day. It depends on the outfit you plan to wear, and also with how tight you want your undergarment should be.

A lot of women prefer wearing shapewear pieces that are most comfortable to wear, as if you are just like wearing your regular bra and panty. If you want something more targeted and suited for everyday and/or helpful to almost of the outfits you plan to wear I suggest you wear a compression bra, or a panty shapewear.

This style is best under tight dresses or skirt or slacks that needs you to have a smooth behind and VPL-free!

This bra is best for daily use at it helps your breast to be in good shape while providing you much coverage underneath. This is good if you plan to wear sheer tops. or deep necklines.


What Vedette piece is good to wear with slacls? Everyday casual slacks.

Slacks is way thinner than a pair of jeans, so it is best you are armed with a seamless underwear to prevent you from having VPLs or unwanted tummy bulges.

You could check our array of PANTY SHAPERS in different lengths that will best suit under your slacks.


How did you come up with the name Vedette? And what rules have you broken?

Vedette is a French word for STAR or CELEBRITY but in Latin America, it is a term used to describe a female entertainer who's mostly dressed in beautiful, colorful, sexy, and sparkling underwear.  And since their costumes makea resemblance to a lingerie or corset, and they are a symbol of sexy, Vedette came to represent our brand.

As for the rules I have broken, so far it's breaking the rule thinking. Ideas come to mind when you let yourself fail once in a while. 

And the winner for this ASK MR. VARGAS GIVEAWAY is...


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hey ladies! It's time for the next update on our new segment, 12 MONTHS OF VEDETTE by fashion blogger Rebecca Harasym of WINNIPEGSTYLE!  And since we moved to a new home for our blog, we would like to refresh you about this segment! (We would also give you a flash back on Rebecca's past segments on our up coming posts!)

12 MONTHS OF VEDETTE is a new segment on Vedette blog, that shows how a Vedette piece is a versatile undergarment. Vedette Shapewear sells not just an ordinary shapewear, but beautiful and elegant shapewear that you can have them mistaken for a lingerie.
Rebecca, our featured fashion blogger, will show you in 12 months review how each piece is a true testament of beauty and elegance, and how it really does the work to give your body a quick fix! She will be using 2 shapewear pieces, one for outerwear use and one for innerwear use/ shaping purposes. 

Below shows her 4th month review...

Rebecca picked LEONORA and JOSEPHINE for her outfits! Find-out how she used the two pieces!

VIDEO: How To Style A Bustier As An Outerwear?

featured in the video is fashion blogger, Cymone Hartley of LOVE HARTLEY in her Sarah bustier

Yes Valentine's Day might be over, but why not celebrate the entire February full of love and looking in love! Cymone Hartley, shares her winter-Valentine's day outfit using her Sarah bustier as her top! Bustier on a winter season? Why not?! See how Cymone styled it! Enjoy the video! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013


Every mid-day of the month, ASK MR.VARGAS is giving you a chance to ask few questions to the man behind Vedette, MR. VARGAS! Your question serves as your entry to have a chance to win a Vedette shapewear! 

follow the mechanics below:

1. Giveaway is open to US residents only.
2. Be sure to like our fan page to be able to join:
3. Look for Mr. Vargas' timeline post with is quote.
4. Leave one question under Mr.Vargas quote. First 5 to post questions will only be accepted.
5. These 5 fans will get a chance to win (1) one surprise shapewear! Only one fan will be randomly picked to win! 


Friday, February 15, 2013


fashion blogger, Jessica Estrada of STYLE 4 LOVE wearing her AIMEE bodysuit

True beauty lies within and not just seen on how you look outside. So fear not if you are not perfect for what matters is, what you are made of inside! 

HAVE A HAPPY WEEKEND ladies! Do not forget to drop by STYLE 4 LOVE and win s Vedette Shapewear! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's a special video treat for you all ladies! If you want to to feel romance, and elegance this day of hearts, watch our video showcasing a shapewear from our newest collection! 
Enjoy  your day ladies, and remember to wrap yourself in a beautiful Vedette piece to complete your look for tonight!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No "IFs" and "BUTs"

Tomorrow's heart's day and we've got one last minute style tip for you!  Planning to capture your date's attention with a sexy fitted dress? Well no more "IFs" and "BUTs" but just a sexy tush! Worry no more because you'll look good in one, just be sure to slip on a Vedette butt enhancer for a quick fix on your waist, hips and bottom!

We're currently having a great deal at 25% OFF on all BUTT ENHANCERS

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ASK OUR STYLIST: Under A Tight-Hip Dress

The 2013 GRAMMYS has just ended but our fascination over Alicia Key's smoking gorgeous tight-hip LBD isn't still over! We're totally head over heels how structured the dress is but with a perfect balance of skin and coverage! Not to mention, the dress really hugged her shape! 

Wonder what best to wear under this type of dress? Well we've got two amazing shapewear pieces to help you out:

Alicia Keys' dress may seem to be very simple to wear, but it entails a lot of support underneath. Well on her chest, the dress may be equipped with bra pads for coverage, but down below there, it's more prone to having the popular, VPL! 

The tight portion begins on the waist down to the hips and starts to loosen as it reaches a few inches above the knees. So more or less, you have to keep everything in shape and tact beginning from y our waist down to your thighs. So be sure to pick underwear or shapewear that cuts right above the knees or way past the knees, plus be sure the texture is smooth!


Monday, February 11, 2013

FEBRUARY 2013: Rita Of A Doll Without Style

This month of hearts, we're featuring the sweet and chic Rita of A Doll Without Style, and her romantic MARIAN bodysuit- outfit! Perhaps you could get an inspiration on what to wear on the hearts day! 

Friday, February 8, 2013


fashion blogger Ashlyn Kitrell of TRIPLE THREAD  in her Floriana bustier

Just like what we said days ago, BEAUTY IS UNDEFINED and so SEXY is!  
All women are sexy and beautiful! Sexy, is how you define it and definitely reflects on how you see yourself! 

Have a good weekend ladies! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Just when you thought you'd seen the perfect Valentine's Day gift, here are some more gift ideas to choose from! If you are planning to give the special lady in your life, a gift she'll treasure and she'll really use, then these pretty shapewear is what you're looking for!

Women appreciate gifts that they can use and of course, something pretty! Here are our TOP 5 V-DAY PICKS:

1. SARAH bustier - comes with a matching bustier top and panty $ 74.90
2. VICTORIE braless bodysuit- it has an attached lace boyshort panty for a seamless effect - $ 69.30

3. VIVEKA bustier- a modern corset in a pretty Persian Red color $ 91.00
4. ABELLA skirt shaper- a sexy nude smooth shaper perfect under a dress! $ 66.50
5. FRANCESCA studded bodysuit - a classic black bodysuit studded with Swarovski crystals   $ 119.00

It's great to give a gift that will last almost lifetime! A gift worth spending for, and something worth treasuring! But of course, the best gift among all, is the one sealed with love!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

LOOK OF THE WEEK: Mellow Yellow

Just completely a week before Valentine's Day, and we're pretty sure you're planning what to wear on that special day. Today, we're showing you a simple yet sexy and striking outfit idea you can wear on V-day! This is the right time to show-off some curves and don a new look!

Try wearing your classic nude bodysuit as a top paired with your maxi skirt. In this case, Laura used her JUDITH bodysuit and paired it with a mellow yellow skirt. Who says you can only wear read on V-day?! Break the red sea  of crowd with a mellow hue of yellow! It's a refreshing color to look at after all! Bet with this outfit,  you'll spread love spell on V-day for sure! Just throw over a nice structured blazer and some sparkling accessories and you're good to go!

Vedette's Talk Of the Town

We've got a warm feature over at the ALL WOMEN'S TALK website!

Heyya ladies! We're a real  stalker follower of what all women loves to read... the ALL WOMEN STALK website. And as we scanned on the pages, we've seen a sweet (a surprise) feature for Vedette sometime ago! 

They've rounded up their TOP 6 VEDETTE SHAPEWEAR PICKS for their readers! If you are looking for some ideas on what to get for yourself or for your loved ones this Valentine's Day, you might consider ALL WOMEN STALK'S picks! Tell us what's your pick among those 6 they've chosen!

Beauty Undefined

No matter how you define it, what you believe in it defines your own beauty.

all women in this planet are BEAUTIFUL. No more appeal about that. We have our own differences that make us who we are, that makes us beautiful. 
pictured above are bloggers (L-R) Rebecca, Cilla, Nadia, Laura wearing their own Vedette pieces, supporting our I'VE GOT NOTHING TO HIDE CAMPAIGN

How would you define BEAUTY?BEAUTIFUL? Some says it is associated with words like sexy, flawless skin, slim waist, curvy hips, long silk hair, killer smile, and the list goes on. We have our own share of quotable quotes about it, like "beauty is skin deep", "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", and many more. We even came to a point to battle and take sides which is true about beauty-  BLACK OR WHITE, THIN OR BIG... but none of these completely defines BEAUTY. It's undefinable. We can give our own views and opinions but it all boils down to a point that, WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. 

In a recent TED Talk done by the supermodel Cameron Russel, who already been a regular face of Vogue magazine, she admits that even supermodels does have insecurities just like normal women have. This may sound a joke, but after reading her interview article, it all explains why she feels that way. 

"I am insecure. Because I have to think about what I look like every day. If you ever are wondering, 'If I have thinner thighs and shinier hair will I be happier?' you just need to meet a group of models because they have the thinnest thighs and the shiniest hair and the coolest clothes and they're the most physically insecure women on the planet."

It is a norm already, or should I say part of our culture to associate BEAUTY with words like: sexy, thin, slim, white, tall, killer smile- with simply saying that BEAUTY IS BEING SKINNY. Circling the idea that being beautiful is being thin, if you're not then you're ugly. We look up to models and even have our own "thinspirations" leaving ourselves humiliated by our own disgrace with our bodies. Such an irony, but true. 

"When a woman is valued primarily for her physical appearance, it can be easy for her to believe that her beauty is her only form of currency. If looks are the focus of a woman's day, they will inevitably occupy most of her thoughts and drive her fears. "

The media dictates what we believe and sad that we just follow what we usually see. Thin models are everywhere and that's why we're on it. Our eyeballs are up on them that we wanted to be like them no matter what, even if it takes pain and a lot of risks. 

At the present time, we are wishing for more women who would wake up one day seeing herself beautiful regardless of the trends, and what she sees. Hoping that there would be more women who would love themselves before any models. Beauty is not about the battle of the THINS and the CURVIES, nor the BLACKS and the WHITES. We wanted to include ourselves on the definition of beauty, we are chasing after the idea of it that we forget, that BEAUTY is after all, undefinable- why worry thinking what it really conveys, when it simply points on... YOU.

All women are BEAUTIFUL.

Quote Of The Week

Something to keep you motivated til the rest of the week!
fashion blogger Olga Choi of MY BLONDE GAL wearing her Romina bodysuit

Despite the usual thinking of most of women that a perfect body should be 36-24-36, it's still not a basis of saying who's sexy and beautiful and who is not. Beauty is more beautiful with its own imperfections. 

We're prepping up new giveaways for you all this 2013!

Ask Mr. Vargas 2013: Part 1

Get answers on your questions straight from Mr. Vargas himself!
 When it comes to hiding your tummy, you could always choose between the comfort of a bodysuit, or the tight compression of a waist cincher. Your choice depends on where you would want to use it.

When you plan to wear a shapewear for daily use or beneath your clothing, go for a smooth bodysuit like Elise or Lea. These two helps in tucking the abdomen while giving a more enhanced contour starting from your midriff down the waist. And since they are smooth they can very well be worn beneath tight clothing pieces, without the worry of visible lines.  

Now, if you want a more precised shaping, waist cincher like Valerie is good for you. It does not only offer contouring but also support (through metal rods inside) for good posture. This is way bit tighter than a bodysuit, so if there's any special occasion coming this is the best undergarment you should wear.

The best way to target all these problem areas is to wear a full body shaper. Our full body shapers offer coverage starting on the midriff down to the abdomen and waist until hips and legs. The length of the body shaper varies from mid-thigh lengths up to knee-length and below-the-knee length.

If you aim to enhance more your breasts, you could wear our compression/push-up brassieres that are intended to do the job.

Bodycon dresses known as, body fit dresses should be worn with a seamless or smooth undergarment to avoid visible undergarment lines. Shapewear are also the best in giving your body a quick hour glass shape, and tucks-in unnecessary bulges for a better silhouette. Try wearing...

Abella is a skirt shaper with attached bra cups and has a smooth texture. Its hem has an attached soft lace and ends right above the thighs to give your behind a smooth VPL-free silhouette.

Judith is a boyshort bodysuit with attached bra cups and smooth texture. If you feel uneasy with a skirt shaper, the best alternative to it is to wear a boyshort bodysuit. It gives the same coverage and silhouette as that of the Abella skirt shaper, only that this one has an attacehd boyshort panty.

 I am not a fashion blogger but for the context of being "known" with what you are doing, you must be willing to undergo the process of getting there. There is no such thing as a shortcut when you want to achieve something in life. Be willing, driven, inspired, dedicated, and perseverance on the road to success. Mix all those good attitudes with hardwork, your intelligence and skills, sure that'll be a great help to achieving what you want. Lastly, accept defeat and mistakes and learn from them.

The best way to deal with your buttocks is to wear a support undergarment like our butt-enhancer shapers. They come in bodysuit style and even in panty style too.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How To Wear A Sexy Lace Top

Get simple tips on how to work-out a sexy lace top on a daytime outfit!
 A lace top may look dainty and romantic, but it tends to look sheer when worn, thus wearing one takes a little bit of care. Today, fashion blogger, Ashlyn Kristell of Triple Thread will show us how a sheer lace top just got even better and appropriate for a daytime outfit.
 A daytime outfit is most likely a more casual and relaxed outfit and less sexy than what night outfits usually are. So Ashly's daytime take on a lace top is to pair it with a yellow pleated skirt that complements well with the top, and a cute matching-color flats.

Daytime dressing shouldn't be too much sexy. And since Ashlyn's lace top is sheer, the best way to make it appropriate for a casual day look, is to pick an undergarment with enough coverage, like a bustier. In Ashlyn's case, she picked the FLORIANA bustier

The Floriana bustier, gives coverage from the chest down to the torso thus covering the entire mid-section, and shows-off lesser skin. 

see more of Ashlyn's photos and blog post about this outfit here: